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Child aged 17-24 in the UK? Please complete a survey - chance to win £300 NOW CLOSED

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AnnGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 09-Aug-17 08:31:08

Thanks for all the responses - from MN Imgettingdesparatehere is the lucky winner of the voucher.

Cagsy Mon 31-Jul-17 18:19:27

Done, oldest may be in her 40s but youngest has another 26 days as a 24 year old.

50socks Mon 31-Jul-17 12:51:56

all done, but youngest not yet driving as it is too expensive

SueDonim Sun 30-Jul-17 01:10:27


Baggs Wed 26-Jul-17 10:18:37

Will this still be up for completion by the second half of October?

sophie56 Wed 26-Jul-17 09:21:46

All done - not sure whether I want driveless cars but for young adults it certainly makes sense

AbrileSmetschel Tue 25-Jul-17 23:34:59

I will

tanith Mon 24-Jul-17 16:24:06

Shame my youngest is over 40 😂😂

AnnGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 24-Jul-17 13:31:00

For this survey we are looking for folks in the UK who have a child aged 17-24. If you have a child of this age, please complete this survey.

Add your details at the end if you'd like to be entered into a prize draw where one person win a £300 John Lewis voucher.

Here's the link:

thanks, MNHQ