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UK GNer? Take this survey - 3x £100 voucher to be won

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EllieGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 14-Nov-18 16:06:34

A financial services company would like to ask Gransnet users some questions about saving, investments and financial decisions. We aware that there a quite a few questions, but we really value your opinion and would very grateful if you could stick with it.

This survey is open to all UK GNers.

This survey is now closed

All who complete the survey will be entered into a prize draw where 3 winners will win a £100 voucher of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck.

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Purpledaffodil Wed 14-Nov-18 19:32:17

Not at all sure about this. Survey asks for lots of financial information and then your email address to be entered into the draw. No assurances about only using email address for this purpose. So they end up with a very useful mailing list for £300. Hmmmm?

M0nica Wed 14-Nov-18 20:18:28

I do the surveys but never provide my email address or participate in the draw. However it would be illegal for Legal & General to use the names of those taking part in the survey for any other purpose.

When I worked in Market Research we had to work to the Standard Code of practice of the Market Research Society, which expressly forbade us from harvesting respondent details and using it for other reasons.

As it is the insurance company Legal & General running this survey I think you can be confident that they will be adhering to the Code of Practice.

The problem arises when companies, not MRS, members, doing Lifestyle surveys or selling double glazing, use surveys as a way of drawing up lists. It gives properly conducted Market Research a bad name. This link might be helpful:

M0nica Wed 14-Nov-18 20:42:10

Just found 'my reply didn't go and there was no transfer of data.' I will have another go another day.

Purpledaffodil Thu 15-Nov-18 21:00:05

Thanks MOnica. That was a very interesting link. Never heard of “sugging” before! 😱

M0nica Fri 16-Nov-18 09:37:53

I have tried this survey again, and again it didn't go. I have had this problem before with GN surveys, although outside GN I do not have problems.

I did struggle a bit with the questionnaire because so much of the survey connected savings with specific purposes, I have rarely if ever saved with a specific purpose, I save because having some money stashed away somewhere means that you can cope with any emergencies that may arise and the more you have the more resilient your finances are.

The same applies to financial management. Yes, I check my bank statement and credit card every month, but much of my financial management is ongoing and in my mind. I do not know at any given moment exactly what my credit card debit or bank balance stands at but I know roughly what they are and what difference any spending or cumulative spending will make to it.

blanca12 Sat 17-Nov-18 04:58:37

Message deleted by Gransnet for breaking our forum guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

Auntieflo Sat 17-Nov-18 08:23:23

I started this survey, but they wanted so much information, email, post code, address etc; that I stopped. .
I didn't get very far into the survey, perhaps it was not as intrusive as it appears to be at the beginning
I thought they would just want to know how much savings we had, where it was invested, did we still save . It seems that they just want to get you to perhaps invest with their company, and not just collecting data.
Not for me.

M0nica Sat 17-Nov-18 11:01:22

*Auntieflo, see my first post. They cannot use your details posted on the survey for any other purpose.

Charleygirl5 Sat 17-Nov-18 11:02:58

I agree with MOnica I also do not save for a specific purpose. I filled it in but my replies are not as accurate as they could have been because of the way the questions were put.

Auntieflo Sat 17-Nov-18 18:01:20

M0nica, thanks for that, but then why do they need the personal info?
Your post of 9.37.53 seems to say it all as far as I am concerned. Money stashed for as and when, check statements etc. I don’t know day to day what my CC statement will be, but I do pay it off each and every month.

M0nica Sat 17-Nov-18 23:09:43

It is because they want to see how responses vary between people of different genders, ages, income groups and regions.

EllieGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 19-Nov-18 16:56:33

Hi @Purpledaffodil, @Auntieflo

Thank you for your comments, I just wanted to give you some more information on how the prize draw question works and why we ask for information such as location, job, household income etc.

For surveys, details of all non-winning entrants will be deleted once the winner has accepted the prize - normally straight away and within a maximum of 3 months, however this question is by no means compulsory. We will use your responses to produce data in aggregate (e.g. “10% of users live in London”, or “70% of users agree”). As @M0nica said, this is why we ask for demographics such as age, location etc. so that we can see if there are any trends and how responses vary.

I hope this clears some things up.


becky004 Mon 19-Nov-18 18:08:19

Interesting survey

Audrie57 Mon 10-Dec-18 12:10:27

Can I wish all The staff at gransnet a very merry christmas and a super 2019. May youget lots of prezzies and really nice things, and not forgetting the meaning of christmas.. Thanks for a great website full of so much info and interesting stories , tales comps and food recipes
Thank You

Audrie57 Mon 10-Dec-18 12:49:10

Have I won, then, been down the list and didn't have nothing jumping out at me, considering. Its that long since I won anything from anywhere, out of practice.


Audrie57 Tue 22-Jan-19 16:05:46

it rings a bell, but I couldnt find an email from yourselves, even now when I have been pulling them up not seen one./so I did ask if I had won????????? and didnt get a reply Do I get my prize on this one, not 3 months yet in reality terms just over a month.