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Are you an Airbnb host? £50 voucher to be won

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LucyBGransnet (GNHQ) Tue 27-Jul-21 15:11:05

Hi GNers,

We're currently working with Airbnb and we're looking for a Gransnet user to share their story about hosting a property on Airbnb. The selected Gransnet user would be asked to write 300 to 500 words on their experience of hosting on Airbnb which would then be used on a Gransnet content page. If you’d be happy to share your story, please sign up here.

The selected Gransnet user will receive a £50 voucher for a store of their choice as a thanks for their help.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


MissAdventure Wed 28-Jul-21 18:10:55

No, I'm not, but seeing as I'm the only person who has answered... wink

grannyqueenie Thu 29-Jul-21 00:09:48

I’ll go halves with you MissA! ?

Chookstar73 Thu 29-Jul-21 00:28:54

Hi All

I am a Airbnb host here in Australia. The best thing about being a host is the social interaction it has provided me. People of all ages come and stay and enjoy my beautiful home along with all the home cooked meals I provide.
For me the joy is I have made many friends who come from all parts of the world and from all walks of life. Like with Gransnet it brings you together with real people & the best part is getting to know them and giving them big hugs when they leave knowing we all carry some form of happy or sad baggage.

mumofmadboys Thu 29-Jul-21 07:43:46

I love your phrase ' we all carry some form of happy or sad baggage'!

Aldom Thu 29-Jul-21 10:17:59

I'm not an Airbnb host, but a very respectable friend of mine, who lives in a well known city was. Her home has a self contained basement flat. For some time the flat was let as Airbnb until one day my friend discovered the flat was actually being used for prostitution. A dreadful shock. So be warned.The vast majority of people are of course genuine users.

pinkjj27 Thu 29-Jul-21 13:10:55

When my husband died, I was told I should rent out one of my rooms and become Airbnb. I hated the idea but when the boat show came to town, I saw someone asking if anyone had a room to rent so I contacted them. I had a young couple who just loved my home, I was weary but they were full of compliments and stayed for four days, 2 days longer then first arranged.
Since then, I have rented out two rooms on special events like the boat show and for being wanting the local airport. Not sure if I would be classed as an Airbnb but I have had people recommend me as one. I havent had any bad experiences expect when someone turned up with a dog and I have allergies.
I am a vegetarian and a bit of an ego worrier and live as a sustainable life as I can, this seems to attract people as a bit of a novelty.

MissAdventure Thu 29-Jul-21 18:52:48


I’ll go halves with you MissA! ?

We've been usurped. smile
Some lovely comments, though.
Good luck to the air bnb people.

fevertree Thu 29-Jul-21 19:49:17

I used to rent out a self-contained en-suite room in my house. I stopped when I got bored with it. It was fun while it lasted, and I had some lovely people come to stay.

At one time I had agreed to let the room to a man who was coming to my area for work, only to have my OH come home that same day and tell me that he would be away for work on those very dates! I had a moment of panic as to whether to cancel - I mean he might be an axe murderer, granny killer etc went through my mind and then I gave myself a stern talking to in the vein of "but people have taken lodgers in for years and years" - and he was the loveliest, quietest guest of all. Came in as quiet as a mouse and lights were out at 9 p.m.

Then I had "Joe" a young New Zealander who declared I'm so happy to have found a mom and dad house smile - he wanted a long stay and had to be sweetly set free into the big wide world.

Then there was the middle-aged man who would buy me chocolates and pop home for lunch because I was in the area smile - when meals weren't part of the bargain!

I've just reminded myself why I stopped doing it! grin grin

mokryna Thu 29-Jul-21 19:59:27

GNHQ I wish you could stop the flashing adverts at the top of your pages. It is very annoying, trying to read comments with these distractions. I finally looked at the one above to search for the x to click it off, there isn’t one, I now, with a headache starting, see the ad is for Granset.