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Look Fabulous Forever

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MayBee70 Sat 09-Jul-22 11:51:10

Apologies if this has been discussed before but has anyone used any of their make up? I’ve just sent away for their eyebrow stuff as my eyebrows are almost non existent and it looks a bit like a do it yourself threading kit. Their tutorials do look very impressive but you seem to need so many products especially when it comes to foundation etc. I hardly wear make up these days but when I did put on my usual make up recently I’d aged so much it looked awful. Not helped by the fact that, even with a magnifying mirror I couldn’t see to put it on properly!

annsixty Sat 09-Jul-22 11:57:49

I sent for their foundation.
I ordered a very light shade as I am fairskinned.
I was horrified when I saw it as it is orange, however it toned down on but still too much coverage and colour for me.
Like MayBee I now look much older with anything but a lightly tinted moisture cream.

shoppinggirl Sat 09-Jul-22 12:10:15

Some time ago I bought foundation, eye make up and lipstick from them thinking I could have a whole new look. The foundation was very heavy and the eye make up and lipstick were not the same colours as they looked online. It was a very expensive mistake unfortunately. I think the only way to buy make up is over the counter and not online. At least that way you can see the actual colours you're buying.

annsixty Sat 09-Jul-22 12:12:44

It is expensive, I think the foundation was£30.
More than I really care for being stuck in a drawer.

MayBee70 Sat 09-Jul-22 13:02:32

It arrived today and I also got some eyeshadow with it. Not sure if that was a mistake! I bought some Yves St Laurent foundation years ago that I’ve never worn because it was so thick so tend to stick with tinted moisturiser now. Going to paint my eyebrows on now and see how it looks. My current lipstick is a combination of a very cheap Boots brand mixed with a freebie one I got with something else.Boots do some very cheap lines that tend to get overlooked like The Ordinary.

Sara1954 Sat 09-Jul-22 13:37:19

I bought three products.
The mascara went straight in the bin, it was so thick and gungy I couldn’t imagine trying to use it.
The primer was thick, like putting glue on your face, that followed the mascara, and I also bought a cleanser, but I haven’t bothered to try it.

MayBee70 Sat 09-Jul-22 15:07:16

Well, there’s no way I could paint all of my eyebrow with the brow shape and it’s much darker than I expected. However it looks as though it will be ok to paint on as a guiding line for my powder shadow. I bought some cheap eye primer from Boots as I’ve been planning to get some to try but it turned my eyelid into slightly wrinkled into old crone. Might be ok to use on my eyelashes though. I think I’ve reached the stage of not wearing make up at all thereby not having to look in a mirror!

Allyoops Sat 09-Jul-22 18:04:59

I have the same issue - but I think I read somewhere that in-store beauty counters are now (or will soon) offering make-up consultations again. I believe they can be booked in advance or that may not be always necessary. I'll check it out next time I'm in town......

Suki70 Sat 09-Jul-22 20:26:41

I’ve been using quite a few LFF products for some time. You can return anything you don’t like or that is the wrong colour for a complete refund without question.
The primer leaves your skin feeling like silk and makes applying any foundation easy. The beauty balm does look very orange in the tube but just leaves a slight tint once smoothed in. My favourite products are the blusher, the most natural I’ve ever used and the hand cream.
I never pay full price as there are usually offers, frequently 20% off advertised on Facebook.