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Need replacement for Kenwood chefette

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Eddieslass Sat 01-Apr-23 19:47:56

My Kenwood Chefette bought over 50 years ago, that came with a liquidiser, has after all these years of service, packed up! I see the newer model has good reviews so may well buy it. I only want a small and simple machine, but it no longer includes the liquidiser. I seldom made use of it but do still miss it for a few recipes. Can anyone please recommend a small replacement.

Calendargirl Sun 02-Apr-23 07:43:49

No advice from me, sorry, but just bumping this.

Calendargirl Sun 02-Apr-23 07:45:02

Sorry, just realised this would be better under another thread , maybe, ‘Ask A Gran’ or ‘Food’.

MaizieD Sun 02-Apr-23 07:56:01

What do you use the liquidiser for?
If it's mainly for pureeing foods with liquid, or similar would a stick blender do the job?

I've had a food processor with a liquidiser for over 30 years and I don't think I've ever used the liquidiser. OTOH, my stick blender is frequently in use...

Abitbarmy Sun 02-Apr-23 08:03:08

I echo the thoughts of Maizie. I never use my liquidiser just my stick blender and they cost very little.

Redhead56 Sun 02-Apr-23 08:08:51

I use a tall slim SQ blender I bought from Amazon it was less than twenty pounds it’s brilliant for making soup smoothies etc. I use it for liquidising fruit for sorbet. I have never stopped using it comes with a spare screw top slim bottle you can put in the fridge for use later.

choughdancer Sun 02-Apr-23 09:16:44

It's worth looking for the model you already have on sites like eBay. I have a Kenwood Chef bought 2nd hand and much prefer it to any more modern ones. They were stronger too; look at your 50 years of using the Chefette! Cheaper and better for the environment too buying 2nd hand and you can use any of the attachments you already have.

choughdancer Sun 02-Apr-23 09:19:53

Just had a quick look on eBay and there are several 'vintage' ones.

Witzend Sun 02-Apr-23 09:21:53

I bought a small new Kenwood liquidiser a few years ago - I use my old Chef for anything like cakes or pastry.

I don’t use the liquidiser very much but it’s invaluable for e.g making breadcrumbs and lump-free pancake batter - needed every time the Gdcs come to stay.

For anything like smooth soup I use a stick blender in the pan.