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Spiders are back

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ExDancer Wed 05-Apr-23 11:42:54

Every spring my house is invaded by huge black male spiders looking for a mate (so I'm told).
I have a monster who's taken up residence in an unreachable corner of the bedroom, and although I'm not afraid of them, its freaking me out!
Can anyone recommend a product that will scare it away, or at least dislodge it from its corner so that I can catch it?

Blossoming Thu 20-Apr-23 21:21:13

Think you’d be better posting this under House and Home.

Grannynannywanny Thu 20-Apr-23 21:34:07

I recommend one of these. I’ve had mine for years. The trigger handle opens out the bristles and if the spider is on the wall or ceiling it falls into it unharmed.