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Could you self-rescue from drowning difficulty in water? (FAO anyone)

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PreventingDrowning Mon 01-May-23 19:57:48

Hi all,

We are doing an online research survey on floating and self-rescue skills to help inform our national self-rescue advice and swimming education for preventing accidental drownings in water. It takes just 20 minutes to complete, and you would contribute to what could reduce UK drowning numbers.

We need to hear from anyone and everyone. Please share your views. To participate, please click this link:

*survey best completed using a computer*

You can also reach out to me at [email protected] to learn more.

Thank you! Your support is greatly appreciated.

M0nica Mon 01-May-23 20:01:27


Callistemon21 Mon 01-May-23 20:09:26

Well, this sounds interesting but could you approach Gransnet HQ who will vet this and post it for you under the appropriate forum?

Thank you.

PreventingDrowning Mon 01-May-23 20:11:09

Yes, certainly. Thanks for the advice

Siope Mon 01-May-23 21:13:06

I started it, but why do you need my full address?

PreventingDrowning Mon 01-May-23 21:30:16

Hi, thanks for your question. For geographical comparisons. The drowning rate varies between regions, proximity to water etc., this information could be important smile

Siope Mon 01-May-23 21:46:28

A postcode should surely be enough then?

Siope Mon 01-May-23 21:51:12

I’m not, btw, just protecting my privacy; I lived a mobile lifestyle for several years, with no permanent address, so I’m sensitive about people being excluded for that reason.

PreventingDrowning Mon 01-May-23 22:04:29

Ah, okay, yeah, that makes perfect sense. We want to be inclusive of all people. The address part is optional, so people can leave it blank. We collect full addresses because the survey is also being conducted in the US, Australia, NZ and a few other countries, and the addresses differ a lot between countries, so it's just for accuracy.