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No peace for the wicked!

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Nannanoo Fri 25-Dec-15 23:52:01

I had a lovely Christmas day with my daughter and her family, and returned home late teatime with the expectation of watching 'Call the Midwife' and 'Downton Abbey' with feet up, and a glass of sherry and chocs to hand.
I should have known what would happen, 'cos it happens every evening - even at Christmas! The phone rang - and rang again. Why do my friends/acquaintances/colleagues think that my evenings should be devoted to listening to their gripes and problems, not just occasionally, but every bl***y night of the week, and especially when there's summat good on't telly?
I know I should be grateful that I have friends who feel they can turn to me with their troubles, but I can't help being a teensy weensy bit cheesed off with their lack of consideration at holiday times.
I'm sure I could stop this happening if I had the courage for confrontations, but I don't, so I thought I'd have a good old gripe on Gransnet and get it off my chest!
Thanks folks - I feel much better now. A very Merry Christmas to you all. smile

Coolgran65 Sat 26-Dec-15 00:32:28

What about phone on silent with vibrate and check the caller' s ID. Then just answer if you feel like it.
You could say you were doing something if questioned.... you would have been doing something...watching tv and eating choccies.
Or just switch it off for a couple of hours.

Merry Christmas to you

Wendysue Sat 26-Dec-15 00:54:18

I hear you Nanna, but you can screen your calls! Please don't feel guilty about it - go ahead! Even professional therapists have set hours, as well as days off, LOL! Why not you?

And, yes, once again, Merry Christmas, everyone!

Teetime Sat 26-Dec-15 10:03:23

I agree call screening can be very helpful and you cant help your friends if they constantly exhaust you - take a break for yourself. I hope you get some rest today. flowers

Lona Sat 26-Dec-15 10:10:08

Nannanoo it is annoying isn't it? Happens to me too but I don't answer them all! Family are more important than a TV programme, but friends just wanting to tell me about their day have to wait!
The phone is for your convenience so switch it off as and when it suits you.

gillybob Sat 26-Dec-15 10:10:48

Tell me abôut it Nannanoo.

A rare sleep in results in the phone ringing or constant texts.
A sit down to watch a much anticipated TV program results in the phone ringing (usually my sister who want to talk for ever)

I don't think there much you can do really. I try the " I've never stopped today and I've just sat down to watch XYZ" in the feint hope that she will get the hint without me having to say "will you just bog off, I'm watching something" but she never does. grin

numberplease Sun 27-Dec-15 00:28:04

My family all know that we religiously watch every episode of Eastenders, yet in the middle of almost every episode does someone ring up, and say "Were you watching Eastenders?"