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Being cut out of your children's lives

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Rhinestone Thu 14-Jan-16 08:45:14

Since I can't post to the old forum I am trying to continue our discussions here.

Smileless2012 Thu 14-Jan-16 09:13:16

Hi Rhinestone, I started 'support for family members cut out of loved ones lives 5' and it's now under way. Do you mind me suggesting that you ask for this thread to be deleted? Look forward to seeing you on our new one and hope you're having a great time in Floridaflowers.

Nanban Thu 14-Jan-16 09:55:14

Hello old friends!

I thought how wonderful that you are still all talking and sharing and then of course I realised - not so wonderful, wonderful would be if you had all your families back together again.

We have had two wonderful years with our son and grandchildren but sadly it has all gone badly wrong again. Dark and horrible days but we have to keep hope and now that the children know and love us, if all else fails, they will find a way.

There are no happy endings, just new beginnings. Lots of love to you all! xxx