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The Brownlee brothers

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DaphneBroon Sat 24-Sep-16 09:12:22

I heard the interview on the Today programme driving up the M6 yesterday morning and felt a warm glow, a lump in the throat even at this heartwarming display of brotherly affection and loyalty. There are so many sad accounts of family fallings out and dysfunctional relationships, these days. What mother's heart would not fill with pride at her son's reaction?
I liked this comment,
‘Mum wouldn’t have been happy if I’d left him’

Jalima Sat 24-Sep-16 10:27:59

I read that story and saw the pictures.

Their parents must be so proud of them. They are both so competitive but brotherly love came before winning the title.

obieone Sat 24-Sep-16 11:08:10

I like the way that chilren's behaviour, no matter how old they are, can still be affected for the good by how their parents might react.

NotTooOld Sat 24-Sep-16 11:59:31

obieone - so do I - 'like the way children's behaviour..... can still be how their parents might react.' I'm not sure I still have that sort of influence on my own children but I do sometimes wonder what my lovely parents would have thought about something, so it seems that my parents are still affecting my own behaviour even after all these years.

obieone Sat 24-Sep-16 21:04:59

Lovely isn't it. smile A nice thought.

NotTooOld Sat 24-Sep-16 21:37:10

Apparently there is another Brownlee brother, Edward, who is good at swimming and running. I looked them up.