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Wedding dilemma

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Nansypansy Mon 17-Dec-18 10:40:30

I would appreciate opinions please. I was delighted to be invited to my niece’s wedding (her first at 49 .... lovely!) and will be staying in the accommodation provided with other family members. Now that they have had all rsvps, they asked me if I would like to bring my daughter (her cousin) to share my twin bedded room as my “plus one” (my husband and I are estranged, but friendly). Fine, she’d love to ....... but ..... I’ve been thinking about it and wondering if I should now decline so that my daughter’s lovely husband can go instead of me. What do you think?

paddyann Mon 17-Dec-18 10:43:55

No,you take your daughter IF she wants to go,its her cousin and she'll probably appreciate being with her family more than her OH would.Its sometimes nice to do things without your partner and being with her mum will make it doubly nice .

janeainsworth Mon 17-Dec-18 10:48:04

No. Your niece invited you.
It would be impolite to suggest that DD’s partner goes instead of you, as they might feel they had to invite him as well as you, or worse, that you were angling for an extra invitation.

grannysue05 Mon 17-Dec-18 10:48:38

My thoughts entirely.
A Mum and Daughter together time. Exclusive and wonderful.

gmelon Mon 17-Dec-18 11:01:45

They invited you. It's you who Has to honour the invitation, wedding invites aren't transferable. Or indeed any invites.
If you swap with dd partner you are refusing their invite.
If they wanted your dd partner they'd invite him.

Hmm, how many times can I say invite in one post?

sodapop Mon 17-Dec-18 12:32:06

Pretty good record there gmelon I agree with you though, accept the invitation Nansypansy and have a lovely time with your daughter.

Jalima1108 Mon 17-Dec-18 13:28:35

you could have added that it would be impolite to refuse the invitation gmelon
and that the OP cannot suggest that they invite someone else

Accept the invitation gracefully and be pleased that they decided to invite your DD as well to share her cousin's day.

Nansypansy Mon 17-Dec-18 18:38:01

Thanks everyone. It’s nice to get opinions ......

Melanieeastanglia Mon 17-Dec-18 20:56:21

Go with your daughter. I hope you have a great time.