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Follow up to difficult school project

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anxiousgran Fri 08-Feb-19 09:31:22

First, thanks for all your many replies and thoughts on this, suggestions, links etc. They were all much appreciated.
Project is all done now!
Dgd chose the materials she wanted to use after I’d ransacked our house and the local charity shop. First thing she did though, was cut a hole in the dress she was wearing with the children’s scissors I’d got for her grin
The measuring foxed her (difference between length and width) though didn’t dwell on it.
We made the skirt suggested by gransnetters, and refined on Pinterest, by knotting strips of material onto elastic. Also a scarf from an old net curtain, and we decorated a hat from the charity shop with ribbon and sequins, and it all looks very good and she had a lot of input, and fun.
She was a bit overwhelmed after we read her instructions from school, especially the word ‘evaluation’ and was worried that if she did anything wrong she’d have to do it all again.
Dil helped her with the drawing and writing bits, sketch, brainstorming, evaluation and poster.
I had to make sure it was fun for her though, and just do it a bit at a time. It was way too complex to do it on her own, but did really well with a bit (a lot?) of prompting. She’s not an anxious child, but I did feel she might have got worried about it, partly because she just didn’t understand the flyer from school and knew it was too much for her by herself.
For that reason and the fact that dil and I had to help so much, I will ask dil to have a quiet word with school and point that out.
Dgd is happy with it all though. Just the fashion show to go. Fingers crossed it doesn’t all fall apart before then!

PECS Fri 08-Feb-19 09:37:18

Ahh! so glad you had some good moments together doing the project.
Hope the fashion show goes well 💃

anxiousgran Sat 09-Feb-19 14:15:57

Thanks PECS smile

Urmstongran Sat 09-Feb-19 14:48:53

Well done anxiousgran I didn’t post at the time because I’m rubbish at anything arty/crafty. I enjoyed reading all the great ideas though from GNers. A really helpful & kind bunch of peeps. I’m sure they will appreciate how you (all) got on!
You do feel though do t you for the kids who either won’t get help or who feel overwhelmed and stressed by the project. 🙁

anxiousgran Sun 10-Feb-19 08:50:18

Hi Urmstongran, thanks for post. Was talking to dil yesterday about this. We agreed that though it had gone well for us, it too much to expect some families to do this, work/ money/time/disability constraints. Hope the parents will be able to explain to their kids you can only do your best.
Also we were lucky to have gn. She is grateful to posters

Grammaretto Sun 10-Feb-19 11:28:49

Well done! I wondered what the outcome would be. Hope the fashion show goes well.
I accidentally ( it was in the art gallery I visited) watched a fashion show by 2nd yr fashion students from the college of art yesterday.
Each had been given a metre square of canvas to turn into a wearable garment. Some were quite fun and quite a few had decorated their faces to match. Mostly they had created simple tunics so nothing as adventurous as your DGD!

anxiousgran Sun 10-Feb-19 12:42:18

Ha ha Grammaretto 😂 I’m glad that wasn’t us! We would have laboured with canvas.
She handed it into school yesterday, so not my responsibility now.
Thanks for posting.

Nannarose Sun 10-Feb-19 12:52:03

Thank you for letting us know. I do think it sounds like a brilliant idea - for older children.

mcem Sun 10-Feb-19 13:18:59

Well done but pease don't underestimate the power of feedback to the school!
Credit for all the positives but please emphasise the amount of time expended, the amount of input that was needed and the amount of stress caused!
It does sound like a feasible project but in a simplified version and/or for older children.

Jalima1108 Sun 10-Feb-19 13:50:43

Well done everyone! It sounds as if you had fun and made an original outfit which she will be happy to wear.

I agree about letting the school know about the expectations for five year olds - combined with the terminology which was certainly not aimed at them but at their parents or carers.

It'll be Easter bonnets next - sorry!
now, where are last year's?

anxiousgran Sun 10-Feb-19 14:00:21

Dil means to speak to teacher, luckily it is parents’ evening next week.
Although, dil met another mother at the school gate when dgd was taking in the project who said “ I see you are taking in the recycling project”. Her daughter is a year older and had done the same project last year, and how difficult it had been. So I’m thinking other parents must have commented to school before, if it is an on-going thing every year.

Elrel Sun 10-Feb-19 14:01:49

I do like a happy ending!