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Can’t live with DH when no sex.

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Londonwifi Thu 10-Dec-20 21:58:03

We have been fine during lockdown. He’s affectionate but never initiates sex any more. If I suggest an early night, he agrees but doesn’t follow through. If I approach him in bed he returns a hug, kiss or massage but no sex!
I caught him complaining to his sister that he doesn’t get sex at home the other day! TBH he’s behaved oddly for the past couple of years. What to do? Talking it through gets us nowhere.

Hithere Fri 11-Dec-20 04:05:17

No sex is the least of your problems.

Why on planet earth are you still with this man and in an abusive relationship?

Is this the sil that is a gossip and you dont get along?

welbeck Fri 11-Dec-20 04:10:27

what does it mean, he doesn't get sex at home.
? elsewhere, the bother of going out ?? sounds odd.

FannyCornforth Fri 11-Dec-20 04:23:26

Is it one of those 'interesting first posts'?

shysal Fri 11-Dec-20 08:35:27

Not a first post Fanny. A search reveals several previous postings on a similar subject.

FannyCornforth Fri 11-Dec-20 08:40:03

Thank you shysal, the search function doesn't work for me.

BlueBelle Fri 11-Dec-20 08:40:50

So without trawling through the forum, hithere seems to know a background story as she’s talking about him being abusive and nothing in this thread suggest abuse just a man who’s not interested in sex (with his wife, or not at all)
If there is a background of abuse why would you want sex with him

Lucca Fri 11-Dec-20 08:41:17

Hithere. How is it abusive ?

FannyCornforth Fri 11-Dec-20 08:47:38


Hithere. How is it abusive ?

Is Hithere referring to Op's previous posts?

Lucca Fri 11-Dec-20 08:52:23

Well I had a quick shuftie but they seemed to be about a son/sister in law or a urine infection. Can’t see anything about a use but can’t believe I bothered to look. I’m out.

petra Fri 11-Dec-20 09:11:07

I'm amazed that you still want to have sex with a man who, in your own words has been cold since the day you married him, has been emotionally and verbally abusive to you and your parents, has destroyed things in your home when his temper erupts.

timetogo2016 Fri 11-Dec-20 10:36:10

Why can`t he talk to you about this ?.
And i find it weird he confide sin his siste.
I would have a good chat with him as somethings amiss.
Wishing you luck.

TrendyNannie6 Fri 11-Dec-20 10:39:19

Why would he be talking to his sister telling her he doesn’t get sex at home,! Does he generally discuss his sex life with his sister London? I think you deserve better x

welbeck Fri 11-Dec-20 22:35:14


Thank you shysal, the search function doesn't work for me.

if you search on google, put in GN in full and OP's username.

welbeck Fri 11-Dec-20 22:36:09

having read some of the previous OP's posts, i'm beginning to wonder....

Hithere Fri 11-Dec-20 22:55:02

You are right, I was referring to previous posts

TrendyNannie6 Sun 13-Dec-20 16:57:08

London, I hope you come back on to post, looking back on your previous posts from January , your life doesn’t seem at all happy,( I didn’t realise you could see previous posts) please take care of yourself! Are you ok