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Yet more relationship issues

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Sielha Sun 27-Dec-20 23:06:24

Been married 32 years, 2 kids and 4 grandkids. Going through an awful legal battle that has been ongoing for the last 4 years. Just found out from my sister in law that husband has borrowed money from his brother to pay more legal costs. I had no idea. We have the money to pay for it but he chose not to tell me. I now question everything about it. Have confronted him and he says he’s sorry but I feel that he’s just sorry he’s been found out. His health problems are also thrown into the mix. I feel hurt, anger, guilt.... Not sure how to move on from this, any constructive advice out there?

MawBe Sun 27-Dec-20 23:14:12

This is the same man you resented and agonised over leaving back in 2018?
I am sorry things have not worked out better for you

Sielha Sun 27-Dec-20 23:23:40

Yes it is, I know. Big decision though to leave someone after a long time

MissAdventure Sun 27-Dec-20 23:33:36

It is a huge decision, but wouldn't you love some peace of mind?
That's priceless, in my opinion.

geekesse Sun 27-Dec-20 23:45:34

It’s hard to suggest ways forward without knowing something about the legal matter. You don’t have to give identifying details, but perhaps you could say whether it’s something you could withdraw from or whether it’s been forced upon you?