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GagaJo Mon 15-Feb-21 22:09:45

I sent my part-time bloke a Valentines card via an online site and signed it 'From a secret admirer.' He hasn't mentioned it yet and although I have the worlds biggest mouth, I have managed to avoid messaging him to ask him if he got it yet.

I am CERTAIN he has got it, and thinks another woman sent it. grin 🤣 💋 I don't know how long I can bear to leave it before telling him it was from me. Wicked, I know!

Jaxjacky Mon 15-Feb-21 22:12:27

Muttley snigger here 🤫

MissAdventure Mon 15-Feb-21 22:12:49

You must keep it up for a bit! grin
Are you planning to ask any leading questions,subtly, of course?

GagaJo Mon 15-Feb-21 22:14:54

I would love to MissAdventure, but I am as subtle as a brick. I'm dying to though!

How he thinks he's gained a secret admirer in lockdown I don't know. UNLESS he has been online doing dodgy things.

MissAdventure Mon 15-Feb-21 22:16:58

Well, you would think he would have mentioned it by now, if it was a total surprise... suspicious, that's me!

GagaJo Mon 15-Feb-21 22:20:32

Heh heh heh. I can't decide if he is dim or if I am being a b***h by letting him delude himself. Probably the latter to be honest.

geekesse Mon 15-Feb-21 22:21:44

Aw, you could have fun with this. Buy yourself a Valentine card, just put a x in it and display it on your mantelpiece. Next time he comes round / Zooms / whatever, make sure he sees it, smile coyly and thank him for his card...

MissAdventure Mon 15-Feb-21 22:22:17

Well, it's harmless enough, I guess.
Probably given him a spring in his step. smile

Sarah48 Tue 16-Feb-21 07:32:17

Email him and thank him for his card........grin

GagaJo Tue 16-Feb-21 07:34:42

Ooooo Sarah! The problem is, he could well have sent one. Post is taking ages to get here at the moment.

I do like the idea of him bouncing around all happy at the thought of a new, enthusiastic woman, instead of the grumpy old bag he is stuck with.

Calendargirl Tue 16-Feb-21 07:41:11

I might be missing the point, but why send it ‘from a secret admirer’ and then be wondering whether to message him to ask if he has received it? You might just as well have put ‘Love from Gagajo’ on it.

And you say he is your part time bloke. Perhaps he thinks as he is not full time, he has another ‘part time’ admirer!

Only joking.

Pretty sure he knows it’s from you.

GagaJo Tue 16-Feb-21 07:44:54

I don't mind if he has an admirer. MA is right, he'd have a lovely spring in his step if he did!

I assumed he'd know it was from me too.

Sarah48 Tue 16-Feb-21 09:22:42

Does he live in another country, GagaJo?

GagaJo Tue 16-Feb-21 09:54:17

He's in the UK. I'm working abroad.

muse Tue 16-Feb-21 10:41:34

I'm with CG on this one.

Tell him.