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How many Gransnetters are in Australia?

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SaraC Fri 27-Aug-21 13:56:25

I’m curious… Although Gransnet is predominantly a UK based site, I know there are Gransnetters who add to posts from all around the world. There seem to be quite a few in Australia. It would be lovely to see how many are in Australia and where you are. I’m in the Top End of the Northern Territory - adjusting to living in the Tropics for four years now…

fatgran57 Fri 27-Aug-21 22:53:33

I think there are quite a few of us in Australia,

I am in Tasmania.

Elspeth45 Fri 27-Aug-21 22:59:39

I'm in Sydney.

Spice101 Sun 29-Aug-21 05:48:31

I'm in Melbourne