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How many Gransnetters are in Australia?

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SaraC Fri 27-Aug-21 13:56:25

I’m curious… Although Gransnet is predominantly a UK based site, I know there are Gransnetters who add to posts from all around the world. There seem to be quite a few in Australia. It would be lovely to see how many are in Australia and where you are. I’m in the Top End of the Northern Territory - adjusting to living in the Tropics for four years now…

fatgran57 Fri 27-Aug-21 22:53:33

I think there are quite a few of us in Australia,

I am in Tasmania.

Elspeth45 Fri 27-Aug-21 22:59:39

I'm in Sydney.

Spice101 Sun 29-Aug-21 05:48:31

I'm in Melbourne

Nonni63 Mon 13-Jun-22 10:17:29

I'm in Rockhampton

ixion Mon 13-Jun-22 11:27:09

Ah, no chance of a Gransnet Meet Up for you all, then! ?

Giddygirl Fri 17-Jun-22 05:11:27

I'm in South West Victoria. This is my first post. Love reading what other gransnetters have to say

FannyCornforth Fri 17-Jun-22 05:35:32

Welcome Giddygirl! ?

Aldom Fri 17-Jun-22 07:02:26

Hello and welcome Giddygirl. I have family in NSW. They live in a beautiful coastal town, 50 miles north of Sydney.

DanniRae Fri 17-Jun-22 07:42:02

Oh it's amazing to think that things that I post on Gransnet from my home in SE London wing their way across the world to Australia!
So in that case a BIG HELLO to all Australian Gransnetters from me - DanniRae - in London!!!

nanna8 Fri 17-Jun-22 08:40:47


Mine Fri 17-Jun-22 11:30:10

Hello to all the Autralian grannies...brewcupcake

Allyoops Fri 17-Jun-22 12:01:07

Hello to all Australian Gransnetters from me too! I've just come home from 3 weeks on the Central Coast. We had a very precious time with our DS and DIL there and really didn't want to leave! Hopefully we can fly back and see them again next year (when DH has forgotten about the long flights and the effects of jet lag!)
Some of you gave me hints on what clothes to take - thank you very much, your advice was invaluable.

AussieNanna Fri 17-Jun-22 16:03:04

South Australia.