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Hazjo Fri 17-Sep-21 22:12:15

Since we moved to another part of the country, my OH has totally taken over what we watch. I never see my favourite programmes. We have another tv but he says it won’t work.
I’m sick of watching his choices.

nadateturbe Fri 17-Sep-21 22:24:24

He can only take over if you let him * Hazjo*.

Lolo81 Sat 18-Sep-21 01:12:47

In my house it’s football!! Constant blooming football! I honestly think he’d watch a five aside pub team if it was televised.
My escape is to whack my headphones in and watch my programmes on my tablet. Was ever so happy when everything opened back up and he was back out working (he works away) and I got my routine back after lockdown ? I know it doesn’t sound like it, but I do love him….honest! ?

Teacheranne Sat 18-Sep-21 02:38:58

Have you tried using the other TV, assuming it is in a different room? Personally I would buy another TV for myself, as big as I can afford and just start to use it. You can often pick up decent second hand ones very cheaply, in fact I have two advertised at the moment on a local Facebook group which are not very old, working fine but I have a new one in my lounge and don’t need more than one any more. I’m only asking £25 for each tv as I’m reluctant to take them to the tip.

It’s your house as much as his and you are entitled to watch what you want! Just sort it without telling him!

Teacheranne Sat 18-Sep-21 02:40:35

I meant to say, have you checked the other tv yourself, maybe your husband is lying about it not working because he wants your company. That’s why I suggested checking to see if it actually does work.

denbylover Sat 18-Sep-21 07:43:18

Splurge out and buy yourself a tv. That’ll short circuit him!

BigBertha1 Sat 18-Sep-21 08:04:40

Yes I agree. Buy yourself a nice big new TV with streaming. Enjoy.

BlueBelle Sat 18-Sep-21 08:04:57

Oh crikey I d never have that I d make sure that I had another tv or that the spare one really isn’t working (why keep it if it isn’t ???)
Assert yourself and buy your own TV

Curlywhirly Sat 18-Sep-21 08:31:49

As others have said - just get yourself a new TV! These days they are relatively cheap and if you don't know how to install and set it up, just get one of your children (or a niece or nephew) to do it - they certainly will know how to ?

Aveline Sat 18-Sep-21 08:36:11

In our house the main TV is mine!! OH has his own one in another room. Result? both happy.
Set up your own TV today!

Shelflife Fri 08-Oct-21 08:35:00

Hope you have been able to sort the tv issue out?
Are you in a position to purchase a new tv ? We have one in each room fortunately, my DH is not really a tv watcher - unless it's the news!! I get very low watching too much news - it's all so bad. So I suppose I am the tv boss!!! Hope you are ok.

henetha Fri 08-Oct-21 10:19:18

Stand up for yourself. Don't let yourself be walked all over.
Fix the broken TV or buy a new one.

Cabbie21 Fri 08-Oct-21 10:47:35

It is mostly the same here. We do have another TV, a small one on the wall in the kitchen-diner, which I might put on whilst I am cooking, but it is not suitable to go and sit down to watch in the evening. There is no aerial point in the “garden room”. So it is not so easy to resolve.
He sulks if I insist on watching something, usually some sort of documentary, though will tolerate Michael Portillo’s railways, as long as it doesn’t interfere with his antiques programmes or endless repeats we’ve seen a hundred time.
Yet he falls asleep during new programmes we have both chosen to watch. No wonder he watches repeats: he might eventually catch a whole programme!