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Feeling 'meh'

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IrishINFJ Sun 03-Oct-21 02:04:32

Loving children..... who (ad adults) have their own lives, filled with excitement.
Loving husband.... who recently said, "I don't care what you do just be happy."
Loving grandson... who is too young to do anything but slobber.
Many ex-career experiences.... pandemic forced early retirement.
Moved to new state (husband's work)... away from family, friends, neighbors (we live close to a lake where the houses are surrounded by trees and the streets/driveways are all on a 45 degree slant)
Struggling to cope with chronic back, hip, knee, feet pain.
Feeling invisible and just simply 'meh'. I know I'm an introvert, but I feel abandoned by life. Anyone relate?

Spice101 Sun 03-Oct-21 03:33:27

I know exactly how you feel IrishINFJ . I'm much the same but I got rid of the hip and knee pain by having one hip and 2 knees replaced in the last 18 months. Unfortunately the chronic back and feet pain negates many of the benefits of those replacements.
As of tomorrow I live in the world's most locked down city (Melbourne Australia). 246 days of lockdown does not help the "Meh" feeling and with no end to our lockdown for at least another month it is impossible to get excited by anything.

Hope you can get through the Meh fog soon and feel less abandoned by life.

Instead of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and gradually getting closer we need to stride down the tunnel and grab that bl##$y lamp ourselves.

nanna8 Sun 03-Oct-21 03:37:37

Try to get outside when you can Irish. Even just to the non existent shops because it gives you a bit of a lift. I’m in Melbourne, too. It is truly awful and I really really feel for you ! With all the complaints going on I’m hoping Darling Dan will ease things pretty soon !

nanna8 Sun 03-Oct-21 03:39:59

Sorry Irish, I thought you were also in Miserable Melbourne but realise it was Spice. Blame the Covid brain, everyone is stir crazy here, literally !

agnurse Sun 03-Oct-21 07:26:51

Do you take medication for your pain? If not, is it an option for you to request a referral to a pain clinic?

It's normal to feel somewhat bereft on moving to a new place. However, if this feeling continues for more than a couple of weeks, I'd encourage you to have a checkup. Sometimes there are physical problems (e.g. menopause, hypothyroidism) that can cause people to feel "meh".