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Mothering Sunday

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Escudo Mon 28-Mar-22 13:05:16

Adult daughter and her partner asked me out for lunch. They didn’t ask my partner and he’s a bit miffed about it. Is this something he should be upset about? I don’t know what the norm is as I’ve been on my own a long time

OnwardandUpward Mon 28-Mar-22 13:08:00

That's a bit wierd. Did you go? Perhaps they thought him coming was a given? I'd have asked if he could come too, or clarified it before I went.

Hope you had a nice time

FannyCornforth Mon 28-Mar-22 13:09:18

I would have asked, ‘can so and so come too?’
How long have you and partner been together?
Has your daughter met him?

Escudo Mon 28-Mar-22 13:17:43

I got the feeling my daughter wanted time with me. I can see why he’s upset. We all know each other but they just invited me. I don’t know why.

crazyH Mon 28-Mar-22 13:23:10

Since her partner was going along, I don’t see why she didn’t invite your partner. If she wanted ‘mother - daughter’ time, her partner wouldn’t be tagging along. That’s my opinion, for what it’s worth,

OnwardandUpward Mon 28-Mar-22 13:50:50

Yeah, that's true. If her partner was going I'd have asked to bring yours or just have Mother-daughter time with the two of you.

Does she not like your partner?

timetogo2016 Mon 28-Mar-22 14:01:42

My son and my Dil invited me for a Mothers day tea,i automatically though my Dh was invited too,and i wasn`t wrong.
Bit it wouldn`t have bothered him if the invite was just for me.

Redhead56 Mon 28-Mar-22 14:24:09

If her partner went it would have been right for your partner to go. You could have clarified this before going. It's not as if is was a girly /mum lunch out.
My daughter granddaughter and myself had lunch out last week as she was working my husband was invited too. He had jobs to do so didn't but at least be was invited.

paddyann54 Mon 28-Mar-22 14:25:52

Isn't the clue in the name ,its MOTHERS day ,maybe dads can be included but not necessarily partners .Wouldn't bother me ,does your partner think he should be at every family event?

Hithere Mon 28-Mar-22 16:04:51

Maybe he was invited by association?