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Dolphin1962 Tue 03-Oct-23 04:11:33

Hi to all,

I have been married for a long time myself & my husband don't get on anymore as I was happy with 4 children
they were really small I was taken advantage of by my husband & I was pregnant again really hard looking after 5 children on my own with no help from anyone else.
I had no time to look after myself I am overweight lots of trauma myself waiting for counselling I can't cope with staying in this situation.

What do I do


Grammaretto Tue 03-Oct-23 05:04:01

I don't know what advice to give you but couldn't read without saying something.
You should be proud to have brought up 5 children without help . Well done. Are they grown up now?

You sound as if you need a break and to change your life so you can be happy again.
A change of job. A change of routine. I don't know enough about your situation but there will be something that you can change. You can't be angry with your husband forever.

jeanie99 Thu 05-Oct-23 22:06:15

Dolphin you do not say how old your children are.
Perhaps you could join a mother and baby club and get to know other mothers.
I am assuming you are a stay at home mum with some of your children in school.
Most cities have some sort of clubs sometimes attached to council or church buildings.
Writing in a journal your daily feelings may help if you are feeling low, try to plan and organize your day and think of the positive things in your life.

Sparklefizz Fri 06-Oct-23 06:49:22

flowers for Dolphin