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How has your dog helped you? Share with Sleepeezee - £300 voucher and dog bed to be won

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YanaGransnet (GNHQ) Fri 23-Aug-19 13:45:17

Sleepeezee have recently released personalised dog beds, and to celebrate International Dog Day on the 26th August and dogs all year round, they’d like to hear about the ways your dogs have helped you.

Here’s what Sleepeezee has to say: “British bed manufacturer Sleepeezee is proud to launch a collection of dog beds, in partnership with Battersea Dogs Home, which offer your companion a great sleep. Two distinct styles are available in a selection of sizes and colours, all of which can be personalised with your dogs name on.”

Perhaps the need to get out and walk your dog each day has helped you feel fitter and stronger? Have you learned any important lessons from your dog? Maybe being greeted by your dog’s smiling face and wagging tail at the end of a tough day helps you deal with stress?

However your dog has helped you, share on the thread below and you’ll be entered into a prize draw where one GNer will win a £300 voucher for the store of their choice (from a list) and a Sleepeezee dog bed.

Thanks and good luck!


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quizqueen Sun 25-Aug-19 10:21:33

All animals are great company especially if you live alone. dogs especially as they force you to get out of the house to take them for a walk so you get exercise yourself. I have only owned one much loved dog, a stray who adopted me, but regularly look after my daughter's dog when she goes away several times a year. She also brings him over whenever she visits too.

Tillybelle Sun 25-Aug-19 10:34:34

Annaram1. It's OK! I was correcting my own mistakes in my above letter! I'd never say anything about any other person!! So please don't worry!

Tillybelle Sun 25-Aug-19 10:35:47

Buffybee. Thanks.

Tillybelle Sun 25-Aug-19 10:38:47

Minniemoo. I'm sorry to hear of your chronic pain. I have it too. Like you, without my dogs my life would not be very difficult, indeed they are my life-savers.

I do hope you get some good spells and times of relief.

Bless you! Take care. Much love, Elle 💐

busybee6969 Sun 25-Aug-19 12:22:39

have depression and stress quite bad but a lovely cuddle in the morning from my little yorkie/poo TEDDY gives me a reason to get out of bed on our walks we meet other dog owners and stop for a chat so its a win win plus i get fitter great prize fingers crossed i win

bindydog Sun 25-Aug-19 14:03:36

I cracked three vertebrae last year and in complete agony through out the day. As l live on my own, l did'nt have any one to help me get up. l would have just lain there all day if it had'nt been for my Westie. She would nudge me, softly bite and lick my hands, talking until l got up, which sometimes took forever. Bless her.

Rachel711 Sun 25-Aug-19 16:48:44

We had two dogs until last week, now only one, a Jack Russell. Our other dog Sasha was huge and fluffy. She loved going for walks which was helpful to me - my GP said I was prediabetic and more exercise would be helpful. Sacha was really good at motivating me, and she was so huge and fluffy she was comforting to hug if I felt a bit sorry for myself. Sadly she suddenly collapsed and died after a walk. I called the vet but Sasha died before the vet could get there. She suggested that Sasha had suffered from an extreme allergic reaction.
We've still got Jilly though, the Jack Russell. She has such a strong personality, and shining intelligent eyes. You can tell she has complex thoughts, even if they are about looking for rodents and trying to see other dogs off. She is a very cheering influence on me, and a real friend.

Willynilly Mon 26-Aug-19 10:22:10

We may shout at him when he gets under our feet, or when he buries yet another one of his toys in my flower bed, but when you see a 2 year old grandchild's face as she strokes his velvety ears, when he sits then rolls over on her command, and when you hear her say to him "You're my bestest friend" as she snuggles into his scruffy neck, then you know you couldn't be without a dog. He brings so much to all the family.

Goldnotold Mon 26-Aug-19 10:29:36

I found my best friend at a dog rescue centre 7 years ago. He has been a fantastic companion and helped me through so many ups and downs in life and difficult patches. He gives me unconditional love when I need picking up which is worth its weight in gold to me.

Due to his past, he has always had many problems. He is a very complicated character to understand. He has had previous owners and is very insecure and follows me everywhere. I have learned great tolerance and patience and have been determined to be his saviour despite his behaviour problems, fear of all sorts of things from noises to desperate separation anxiety so I rarely leave him. We have become joined at the hip and everything I do has to be Dog friendly. I believed in my dog when I think others would have lost patience as he has been a struggle to manage, but I have learned to see past all that.

My dog has repaid my devotion to him and is such a faithful pet. He has helped me overcome sad times especially when my world fell apart after the death of my mother. He gave me a reason to get up and go out and face the day. My dog is a great friend who motivates me day by day to keep fit by going on walks and definately puts a spring in my step.

The love we give and receive from each other is so comforting for both of us. My dog rescued me and I rescued him.

I really recommend being a dog owner , dogs definately enrich your life. You can't beat a four legged friend.

Kittyme1 Mon 26-Aug-19 19:34:44

Love reading everyone's doggy tales. dogs make the perfect loyal companion, give their love unconditionally and are great at relieving stress. Sadly our dog is no longer with us, but I remember every day at 5:30 pm without fail he would jump on the sofa and look at of the window, eagerly waiting for me to come home from work. If I wasn't home on the dot he would start whining. We all miss him dearly.

bobble5366 Tue 27-Aug-19 09:09:15

When I lost my partner in 2013, I had a pain in my heart that no-one could mend, my dog was the only thing I would get out of bed for, he needed me. I walked him in a daze, in my own world, gradually because of walking him (I went a different route because I did not want to talk to someone on my 'regular' walk).
People talk to your dog and not you most of the time, which is want I wanted, he would stop at each dog, do the usual wag sniff and going around in circles - tangling leads in the process - it was almost as if he wanted me to stop and talk to the owner - which I did start to do. One of the owners whose leads got entwined, had just lost her partner too. We gradually have become great friends, as have our dogs. We went on a cruise together this May. Without my dog, I would not have left the house, my mental and physical health would have suffered, and I would not have found a fabulous friendship.

Silvergran59 Tue 27-Aug-19 09:18:16

I have a 9 year old labradoodle, they have an amazing personality, don't shed and are very intuitive and highly intelligent. The labrador in him loves walks, the poodle in him means he understands a walk to the garden would be enough too. He sleeps in my bedroom in his bed. He makes me feel secure, and his duel personality means he won't bark (doodle side) but if anyone comes to the door, walks up the drive will bark (Lab side) means I can sleep. He is devoted to me and me him, and when he turns his face to understand the clues to the latest crossword I am doing, I am sure he is trying to help me answer. "Luna - name of a four legged pal ---- Ma_s b_st Frie__' . Thanks Luna I know the answer.

Audrie57 Tue 27-Aug-19 11:42:17

My son and his wife, went to the Dogs home, and picked out a beautiful Rottweiler, and he was just about 18mnths old, that was in May 2018. Sarah took him for a real good walk in the morning about 1.30 minutes to 2 hours, before she went to work. My son took him in the late afternoon for a good 2 hours, he had come from an abusive home, he was loved by the family and circle of friends, he would have probably licked a burglar. I was shocked as to how much he cost, as I had a couple of dogs from the pound,but to the them he is worth every penny, they got pet insurance for him, What did surprise me, was that the pound were unable to tell them if he was chipped, but a trip to the vets solved that problem, he was, . The exercise the dog got was great for the family as it keeps them fit and active, he had his fav walks, knew where the squirrels were, and loved the doggie field, you paid to hire the field with your dog, for 30 or 60 minutes, he loved it, he would race up and down, at all the space, throwing, balls for him and sticks, the canal walk was another favourite, as was the beach. Then 13 months down the line, he was looking very tired, and miserable, so a trip to the vets , nothing found, but he was not himself, and the family were quite concerned, blood was taken,a scrape of skin was took, everything come back fine. Them a lump was found, on one side of his neck, and one the other side, neither where there before, so he was booked into the vets again, and the the vet found 4 more so that was 6 all in his lymph nodes, so he was left with the vet to do tests, and he had Cancer one of the most aggressive forms. Sadly he has gone, and I have never seen anyone so distraught in all my life, The family had from the pound, and got him away from any abusiveness, they couldn't have loved him anymore than they did. I felt useless,as I couldn't make them feel any better, I couldn't take their pain away. They were going on holiday in September and doggie was going to. What can you say, not a lot. I think its surely took the wind out of them. So for a beautiful softie to go through what he did, and then get a new home, where he was loved and pampered, the weekends, were special, he could have walked for England, he loved been out and about. So that was the effect the dog had on familylife, it does change when you get a dog,but when some thing happens, its so so sad, he was about 3 year old, a very young dog, which you wouldn't expect.

lillyofthevalley Tue 27-Aug-19 13:38:51

the need to get out and walk your dog each day has helped you feel fitter and stronger?

Yes, and it has given me structure in my life, morning walk. mid day walk and tea time walk, short or long (depending on the weather) When I meet a fellow dog walker for a hello or a brief chat it our walks mean we meet regularly. It has helped me feel younger, fitter, and when I don't want to go out, when I come back I'm glad I did.

Have you learned any important lessons from your dog?

Yes be happy - as long as you have your health, food in in the pantry and a home - is that all you need ? any extras are dispensable.

Maybe being greeted by your dog’s smiling face and wagging tail at the end of a tough day helps you deal with stress?

When ever I come home from my part time job, or have been to the shops, when I come in the door, I can hear him rushing down the stairs, face lit up. and greeting me with wags and kisses as if I have been gone a week.

My best friend.

montydoo Tue 27-Aug-19 14:24:31

I have 2 dogs, brothers, who were rescue dogs, Starsky and Hutch, we got them a 2 years old, and they are both now 12. They get me out of the house, and they make me meet and speak to people, who stop me to ask 'are they related ?' Sometimes my depression leads me to dark places, and I often do not want to get dressed and go out, but my inner voice is saying 'just try'.
They both sleep on my bed, and make me smile when one is having a dream and running and 'inside barking' in their sleep.
I make their food once a week, and know what's in it and how healthy they are - white teeth, glossy coats and wet noses.

They keep me positive - as they had the worst start in life, but the happiest 'forever home'.

GeminiJen Tue 27-Aug-19 15:38:54

There are some lovely, heartwarming stories here. As others have already said, it's their unconditional love that makes dogs so special.
When our children were growing up, there was always a dog in our lives, all rescues, all great characters.
One in particular, JD, had a particularly rough start in life. Part Bernese mountain dog, part labrador, part ?...he had been beaten around the head as a pup, then abandoned in a bin. He needed two operations in his first month with us and a lot of love and patience. He and my daughter bonded immediately...She says it was love at first sight grin and were inseparable. Once, when she was quite ill and confined to bed, he sat beside her, refusing to eat or move from her side until she eventually opened her eyes. Seeing them together was a joy. Shy as a child, she took on responsibility for his day to day care and training and, as a result, grew in self confidence herself.
Although work and health issues have prevented me from having a dog myself for a few years now, just reading this thread has made me realize that I'm ready for another visit to the rescue centre smile

Buddy2010 Tue 27-Aug-19 21:04:49

I have always had a pet dog, my children were raised with dogs and the joy are dogs have brought us is immense. My eldest son has Down's syndrome , he has always adored our pet dogs , he signs his name with the dogs name as his second name. He lives with friends but phones the dog daily and when he comes home to stay it's the dog I'm sure is the main attraction ! My grandchildren who do not have pets enjoy our dog and treat him as their own pet gaining beaver badges by looking after him. Dogs are an important member of our family and I cannot imagine life without out our Buddy

janney3 Wed 28-Aug-19 01:18:57

Our rescue dog has helped the whole family to be -
More active
Think of others needs, not just yourself
We love having a dog and feel a dog makes a home.

Shalene777 Wed 28-Aug-19 10:57:47

We have been rescuing dogs for almost 20 years. The last 2 that we got were brother and sister and inseparable, the brother passed away 2 years ago but Evie is going strong and an absolute delight (as they all have been). My husband works away 3 nights a week and I didn’t realise it but the dogs have been my reason to get up and get on with things, they give me purpose because they need me.

littleflo Thu 29-Aug-19 08:31:58

I had to wait 70 years for a dog of my own. The plan was to have a dog as soon as I retired. I had to take early retirement to look after 3 elderly relatives. This lasted over 10 years and the stress of caring for them ruined my health, and left me very depressed. Six months after their last one died I started the journey for looking for a rescue dog.

What happened next was a sort of a miracle. It was early November and, as I wanted a terrier I looked on a website dedicated to this breed. I had a picture in my mind of the dog I wanted and there she was. She had not been in the Kennel long having been put there following the death of her young owner. She so fitted what I wanted that it was hard to believe she was the first and only dog I looked at. I could not take her until after Christmas as we had booked to go away. Athe kennel had a rule that you could not contact them until you were within a week of being able to take her. I watched her every day on the website and was terrified that when I finally made my application I would be rejected. On Boxing Day, my son took me to collect her.

The miracle did not stop there. Someone posted about whether they were too old to get a dog. I told her my story and posted a picture, I was then contacted by another poster who knew the dog. We were able to exchange texts and videos of her. It was amazing that the children of the family who had the dog since she was a pup, were able to see her in a loving home.

As for me, both my physical and mental health has improved. She is my shadow, we have a very deep bond, she really is my little miracle. We are lucky to have lived near a Forest for 40 years. We love to walk there and always said how great it would be to dog with us. As soon as we get into the Forest, her tail goes up and she hares around exploring. It has become her favourite walk as well as ours.

MissAdventure Thu 29-Aug-19 13:12:30

smile x

LizabethM Thu 29-Aug-19 14:21:45

A couple of years ago I was ill and in hospital. My son had just bought a new puppy and as he was working I had to go and look after him every day. He was the reason I got out of bed in the morning. When I needed a hand I found a paw.

littleflo Thu 29-Aug-19 19:00:54

@MissAdventure. 💐

susiesioux Fri 30-Aug-19 09:36:23

It’s my daughters dog actually. I suffer from depression and sometimes struggle to get up and go out. My daughters been busy and needed her 10 year old lurcher winehouse walking. I ha e to take her and it makes me get up. I never fail to come home with a smile on my face over something she’s done. I love her

Sued123 Fri 30-Aug-19 10:25:34

My dog possibly saved my life. Dorothy, a collie-cross, sadly now deceased, kept barking at the kitchen pedal bin one day, something she had never done before. On opening the bin, there was a small fire in progress which I was able to swiftly extinguish. I have a poor sense of smell so had not noticed any smell of burning.

Dorothy also acted as an unofficial hearing dog for the deaf - I am slightly hard of hearing and so whenever the phone rang, Dorothy would bark and lead me towards the phone.

She was a great dog and I miss her a lot.