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How has your dog helped you? Share with Sleepeezee - £300 voucher and dog bed to be won

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YanaGransnet (GNHQ) Fri 23-Aug-19 13:45:17

Sleepeezee have recently released personalised dog beds, and to celebrate International Dog Day on the 26th August and dogs all year round, they’d like to hear about the ways your dogs have helped you.

Here’s what Sleepeezee has to say: “British bed manufacturer Sleepeezee is proud to launch a collection of dog beds, in partnership with Battersea Dogs Home, which offer your companion a great sleep. Two distinct styles are available in a selection of sizes and colours, all of which can be personalised with your dogs name on.”

Perhaps the need to get out and walk your dog each day has helped you feel fitter and stronger? Have you learned any important lessons from your dog? Maybe being greeted by your dog’s smiling face and wagging tail at the end of a tough day helps you deal with stress?

However your dog has helped you, share on the thread below and you’ll be entered into a prize draw where one GNer will win a £300 voucher for the store of their choice (from a list) and a Sleepeezee dog bed.

Thanks and good luck!


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alem2018 Thu 05-Sep-19 15:28:39

Our dogs cheer us up with their antics

Flickabella36 Wed 04-Sep-19 20:19:53

My dog helps me keep fit - you need to get out the house with a dog. It also helps you to meet people as you get talking to other dog owners!

JosephineW Wed 04-Sep-19 17:37:23

Our dogs help turn our house into a home. We didn't really set out to have 2 dogs, but were preparing to lose our elderly spaniel (the vet had given her weeks at most) so did some 'succession planning' with a young rescue mixed breed dog. Having a playmate has totally transformed our old dog, who now behaves like a puppy, and 18 months later is still going strong. You really can say our younger dog is a lifesaver!

SuzC Wed 04-Sep-19 11:39:05

Having our dog has been the reason for me getting out of the house every day - rain or shine. I have met so many lovely local people when we moved into our new area whilst out walking her and made some truly great friends. This also keeps me fitter & healthier - indeed when I walked a charity half marathon a couple of years ago - Tilly was my training partner.
She's a super sensitive dog who cares for all of us - if anyone in the house is upset, she just knows, and is there, right by your side!

rosieballard Wed 04-Sep-19 08:05:01

my dog Harvey is definitely a cute kind of character but hes helped me deal with being bed bound for years and he needs me and i need him more. Hes also there to stroke when i am having a bad day.

desjumeaux17 Wed 04-Sep-19 07:06:57

We lost our old dog after 13 very happy years of him being our whole life. Ben went everywhere with us, he had his passport and travelled through Europe, he even had a blog which covered his whole life.
After he passed, the house was empty, there was no routine or structure to our days. I didn't have a reason to go out, and even the supermarket came to us.
Two weeks ago we found Oscar, a 14 week old Cocker Spaniel. His new owner couldn't cope with him. He has completely changed our lives, he is entertaining and keeps us busy again. He keeps us on our toes, (he also bites them with his sharp little teeth). We now go out everyday, we have a reason to. We take road trips to find new places for him to have adventures. We see our grandson more often he loves to come and play with Oscar.
Dog walkers are friendly people and Oscar has lots of doggy friends, and we have lots of people to talk to.
Perhaps we will start puppy classes to get the most out of Oscar, but just now he is doing really well with his training, we have researched the cocker spaniel and could almost pass an exam about them. Or are puppy classes just an excuse for us humans to get together and meet new friends.
On the downside, we have to go out in the rain and snow, up to now he has only been with us in the summer months, but a good warm coat is all you need, and a hot coffee when you get home.
Yes our life is back to having meaning and lots of love, cuddles and tickles (and not just with Oscar). Oh and I am told the biting will stop soon.

allythackray Tue 03-Sep-19 21:48:17

Come rain or shine, a pooch needs fresh air and exercise, so no matter your mood or energy levels, there's a walk to be done, which not only benefits you both physically, but blows the cobwebs away from whatever the day has dealt you. There's a reason why it's said 'Dogs are a man's best friend' & it's true - pure and simple & that's why Boodles, 12 years young, is my little (not so!) helper smile

raeb83 Tue 03-Sep-19 15:14:37

Sorry, no stories of heroism or overcoming great obstacles in my life with the help of my dog. She's just there for me! I'm a very anxious person by nature and she calms me down.

dajohnston2712 Tue 03-Sep-19 10:47:32

Quite simply my best friend in the world ! If youre down always there to help you

ujhunt1961 Tue 03-Sep-19 10:36:06

My dog has helped me through depression, having to take her out and have her to cuddle has been my saviour

wallers5 Tue 03-Sep-19 07:55:32

I have had dogs all my life and now I have downsized & the last one died, I find it very difficult without one, but my family have dogs. My son I. Law was diagnosed with bone Cancer. Luckily they got a puppy a year ago & she has helped him enormously. He had never had a dog before. This one is a beautiful Pointer & she lies at his feet when he is recovering from intensive IVF. When he meditates she also meditates. She seems to know at such a young age that his is very unwell & is such a comfort to him. When he sits is the garden she jumps up high into the apple tree to get him an apple. Life would be so different without her distractions.

sweir1 Mon 02-Sep-19 22:30:23

She has provided countless happy moments over the years

middleagespread Mon 02-Sep-19 17:43:16

My strengths, energy and vulnerability are echoed by my beautiful tri colour border collie. She is my best friend. We have recently added to our family a new puppy, a cockapoo called Suzy.Together they're awesome and our reason to get up each day.

soozybee Mon 02-Sep-19 17:32:53

Keeps me active

Ottodog Mon 02-Sep-19 17:29:50

I have 4 dogs and they give me love and affection, but more than that they make me a more compassionate and selfless person - I have to think about them, rather than myself, and this is a good thing

Jeanlizzie Mon 02-Sep-19 12:46:02

Bilko was a rescue dog who came to live with us when I had just recently had a hysterectomy, I was hoping he would get me out the house walking ( and as I def couldn't have more children , to be a child substitute although at the time I would have laughed at that)
He has been the most wonderful friend he has been with us throughout some horrendous times , and some lovely ones , he is always there and pleased to see us, hes never moody or grumpy , he makes sure I leave the house every day , and gives me so much love and affection it can get too much ,
Life with out him will be a lot poorer but hopefully not yet for a few years

gran1 Mon 02-Sep-19 12:40:53

Just as so many others have said, your dog insists you get up and go out for walks. You know you will both enjoy and benefit from the walk and I often have a chat with other dog lovers.

Daisymae Mon 02-Sep-19 12:07:49

Our little dog has helped us both in lots of ways. My husband is unable to get out by himself and can't walk any distance. She keeps him company while I am out and she keeps me company when I go out for a walk. She's always keen to go, apart from when it's raining so is a great motivator to keep the number of steps up. While we're out she's thrilled to greet new people so we have made friends while out and about with her. Even people who don't like dogs seem to like her. She's inquisitive and makes us laugh, adding a lot of joy and bringing happiness on a daily basis!

Ikea1234 Mon 02-Sep-19 10:37:32

The best therapists have four legs, fur and a tail. They listen, they give love unconditionally, they're companions, friends, they give you purpose for just getting up in the morning on bad days and for you to get dressed and get out of the house when it's walkies time. They really do give purpose and joy.

Suesad11 Mon 02-Sep-19 09:48:41

As I have epilepsy my dog knows when I'm about to seizure an let's me know by nudging me towards a seat an sits there til its over

Borismybear Mon 02-Sep-19 07:51:02

My dog has been the best decision I have made. He is my best medication. He has helped lessen my anxiety by reducing the feeling of isolation I had and has also given me a reason to be more active and get out of the house. I no longer snooze my alarm clock before going to work, I get up willingly and happily that bit earlier to spend time with him and look forward to collecting him from my mums when I finish. He also gives my mum a lot of enjoyment and gives her the confidence to go out walking smile

mummyfeo Sun 01-Sep-19 21:27:22

We moved to a very small village and with no friends, walking our dog has helped us meet lots of other folk in the village, now we can't walk to the pub without getting a cheery hello from someone!

emmmaaa26 Sun 01-Sep-19 19:31:29

My dogs have helped me become more sociable. They make me so happy and calm and you feel less lonely with them around.

Minnibix Sun 01-Sep-19 18:44:24

My dog was my saviour when my children fled the nest xx

LeeR1985 Sun 01-Sep-19 18:41:14

By helping my keep active by getting me out the house a couple of times a day smile