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Help needed venue for significant birthday lunch party in Oxford

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eGJ Sat 28-Feb-15 17:08:47

Hello everyone..............significant birthday on horizon. For logistic reasons it must be a lunch party in Oxford. Two elderly slightly infirm relatives 9 healthy ones, and three lovely GC 9, 7, & 4. Any ideas as I don't live there!! Any suggestions please and DH and I can have fun trying the menus out on multiple trips there before. smile

NanKate Sun 01-Mar-15 17:10:13

Hi there. I live in Buckinghamshire but we often go to Oxford for the day. We love Quod Brassiere in the High Street, a bit pricey but they do a set 2 course lunch for about £12 - £15. It's the sort of place they could put a party in a separate area. It is big and airy there as I think it used to be a bank in the old days.

If you want something quirky and lots of veggie food the Modern Art Gallery at the back of M & S is good, but maybe a bit too informal for what you want.

You may want to investigate the Botanical Gardens which is just on the left as you go over Magdalene Bridge. Not sure what they offer in the food line, but the kids could have fun outside and everyone have a wander after lunch. It's not far from Quod if you want to do both, but might ramp up the money side of things.

Have a great party. wine

Soutra Sun 01-Mar-15 17:16:27

Nankate -don't you just love predictive keyboards? Quod Brassiere indeed?gringrin

I would suggest the restaurant at the Ashmolean, myself. Upstairs for pricey and posh, downstairs more more informal.

shysal Sun 01-Mar-15 18:00:45

I don't eat out in the centre of Oxford, but if you want somewhere with ample parking just outside the city, I can recommend Part of the eating area has a few steps, but for the slightly infirm some tables are on entry level. They do a light lunch menu, or main meals are served all day.
I hope you enjoy trying out places, and find somewhere that suits you.

NanKate Sun 01-Mar-15 19:07:30

Thanks Soutra blush well you all know what I mean!

Purpledaffodil Sun 01-Mar-15 19:26:52

Have had several lovely lunches here with friends
Part owned by Raymond Blanc, reasonable lunch menu and gorgeous food.

Teetime Mon 02-Mar-15 09:22:18

DH took me to Le Manoir du Quat Saisons which used to belong to Raymond Blanc but is now orient express with Monsieur Blanc as advisor just outside Oxford for a special wedding anniversary - horribly expensive but a lovely experience and delicious food.

HildaW Mon 02-Mar-15 21:44:50

Cherwell Boathouse - by the river, posh yet not extravagant.
Branca - trendy Italian yet friendly and good for family lunches.

Details are on tripadvisor

eGJ Tue 03-Mar-15 18:00:35

Thank you all so much; I can now get down to some serious planning. I'm about to google them all. Most will be coming by train, so I'll look at the logistics. Thank you NanKate, shysal, Purpledaffodil, TeeTime and HildaW. As you suggest shysal DH & I have many happy days ahead!! smile flowers for all the suggestions. (I took DD2's advice when I said "But I don't know anywhere in Oxford!" - she said "Well I'd ask Mumsnet, why not you ask Gransnet!)

Soutra Tue 03-Mar-15 18:35:24

hmm. sad

eGJ Tue 03-Mar-15 21:18:36

I forgot Soutra in my thanks. flowers Her Ashmolean restaurant suggestion could suit all of the bodies and browsing in the Museum would suit most of the party as well. The Quod Brasserie has a private room, so I am spoiled for choice and lots of eating in the next few weeks (and I hear there's good shopping in Oxford too!

Soutra Tue 03-Mar-15 21:27:47

Nice shop too!

eGJ Tue 03-Mar-15 21:40:02

Ah yes, someone might buy the Birthday Girl something expensive from the Museum Shop grin Thanks for that extra idea Soutra smile