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Mumsnet webchat with Ed Davey MP - add your questions here

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SarahGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 17-Jun-19 12:56:00

Hi all,

Mumsnet are hosting a webchat with Ed Davey MP who, along with Jo Swinson, is one of the Lib Dem leadership candidates. They'll be chatting to Ed about his leadership bid tomorrow Tuesday 18 June at 1.30pm.

Ed worked as an economics adviser to Paddy Ashdown, before winning his seat of Kingston and Surbiton in 1997. In the Coalition Government, Ed began as a Business Minister, laying the groundwork for Shared Parental Leave under Vince Cable. Ed then became the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change in 2012 under the Coalition Government, where he says he quadrupled renewable power and made the UK the world leader in offshore wind. After losing his seat in 2015, Ed campaigned for Remain in the EU referendum, and re-gained his seat in 2017.

Since then, Ed says he “has been fighting for us to keep our place in Europe, pushing for a proper response to the Climate Emergency, and helping Liberal Democrats get elected across the country”. For more information about his leadership, please take a look at his campaign website.

Please leave your questions for Ed before 9.30am tomorrow Tuesday 18 June and we will choose the most interesting one to ask him.

Mumsnet are hoping to confirm a date with Jo Swinson for a webchat too - we’ll let you know when they do.

Many thanks.

Luckygirl Tue 18-Jun-19 08:45:10

What plans might you have to negotiate with the EU over those issues which precipitated the "leave" vote? These are concerns that need addressing (e.g. fishing industry).

elania Fri 29-May-20 13:26:22

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Sussexborn Fri 29-May-20 13:32:16

Is it ground hog day?