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Grandparents who help with childcare? Here's an activity to try

 Swimming with grandchildren

Skip a trip to soft play and opt for a swimming class instead that’s both fun and beneficial for your grandchild’s physical and social development.

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Water Babies

For many parents, the invaluable support of grandparents in childcare is a cherished blessing. Not only do grandparents provide love and care, but they also play a crucial role in creating memorable experiences for their grandchildren.

If you’re a grandparent looking to engage in a fun and meaningful activity with your grandchild, why not consider signing up for Water Babies? The company, aimed at babies and their carers, offers baby swimming classes that are suitable from birth, teaching skills and confidence that will benefit them significantly as they grow. That’s not all, swimming with grandchildren can be hugely beneficial in terms of bonding. So, to help you decide whether swimming is the right choice for you, keep reading to discover the benefits of baby swimming with Water Babies and the joy their classes bring to both generations.

Who are Water Babies?

As an internationally acclaimed program, Water Babies offers swimming lessons for babies, toddlers and their caregivers. Their classes provide a unique opportunity for grandparents to bond with their grandkids, while enjoying the many benefits of swimming together.

The program is designed to create a safe and nurturing environment, where babies can develop water confidence, learn essential swimming skills, and build a strong foundation for a lifelong love of water.


A great activity to enjoy with grandkids

The company offers a range of activities that grandparents can participate in. From 0 up to 5 years old, classes are tailored to meet the developmental stage of each child. Sessions are led by experienced and fully trained teachers, who help guide you through engaging activities that promote water confidence and enjoyment.

From singing songs and playing with water toys to gentle exercises, each 30 minute weekly class is filled with laughter and excitement for all participants. Plus, as a grandparent, you can actively participate, providing comfort and reassurance to your grandchild as they learn to swim and develop their confidence and safety skills in and around water.


The benefits of baby swimming

Swimming with grandkids with Water Babies

Signing up for classes with Water Babies with your grandchild brings numerous benefits for both generations, including:

1. Bonding opportunities

Water-based activities provide a unique environment for grandparents and their grandchildren to bond and create lasting memories. Swimming, playing, and learning together helps to strengthen the emotional connection, and nurtures a sense of trust and security.

2. Physical development

It’s a well-known fact that swimming is an excellent form of exercise, promoting physical development for both babies and their grandparents. It helps to enhance muscle strength, coordination, and flexibility all while improving cardiovascular health for both of you.

3. Confidence building

Classes with Water Babies help to instil water confidence in your grandchild, helping them to become comfortable and safe in aquatic environments. As a grandparent, you can play a vital role in boosting your grandchild’s confidence by being a trusted presence during swimming activities, contributing to their overall sense of self-assurance in and around the water.

4. Lifelong skills

Learning to swim at an early age with Water Babies equips children with essential water safety skills that they will carry throughout their lives.

5. And lastly, creating special memories

Water Babies not only provides a wonderful opportunity for grandparents to actively engage in their grandchild's growth, but also offers a platform to create unique and cherished memories together.

From those first splashy moments in the water to the joyful laughter shared during water play, the memories formed through Water Babies will be treasured by both grandparents and grandchildren for years to come.

What age should you start baby swimming classes?

You might be surprised to learn that there is no minimum recommended age for taking your grandchild swimming.

Since the NHS states it’s safe to swim prior to grandchild’s vaccinations, and companies like Water Babies have classes that are suitable for newborns - the answer to this question is, as early as you like. In fact, with Water Babies, you can start their classes as soon as you want after your grandchild is born - they’ve even had parents join in a class with their baby who was one day old!


What to pack for baby swimming classes

You will be asked to use a double nappy system for baby swimming lessons, to avoid anything leaking out. Water Babies recommend the Happy Nappy DUO, which is a 2-in-1 washable swim nappy that contains an active silver inner layer which is scientifically proven to kill pathogens that cause tummy bugs like Cryptosporidium or E.coli. And because it is a 2-in-1 system, you won’t need to use a disposable nappy underneath. That’s great value!

It’s also a good idea to pack these essentials:

  • Swimming costume or trunks for you (and your grandchild if appropriate)
  • Towels for you and your baby
  • Nappy changing gear, including a changing mat
  • Floats/armbands (unless provided)
  • Swimming cap or hat if required by pool
  • Money/coins for lockers
  • Shampoo, shower gel
  • Hair clips/bands
  • An after-swim snack or feed for your grandchild

About Water Babies

Water Babies is a leading company dedicated to providing exceptional swimming experiences for babies and toddlers. With over 20 years of expertise, they have become synonymous with water confidence and safety for young children. Their specially designed classes, led by expert instructors, create a nurturing and enchanting environment where little ones can explore the wonders of the water. Water Babies focuses on building early swimming skills, coordination, and sensory development while promoting a lifelong love for swimming and water activities.

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