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"No trick or treat" poster - Halloween safety advice

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Halloween is lurking just around the corner, and while some people will be bobbing for apples with the kids, it can be a threatening and stressful time for others - especially those of us who live alone. Hiding from trick-or-treaters and avoiding hordes of gremlins, ghouls and ghosts isn't everyone's idea of fun, so we've put together our tips for staying fright-free this Halloween. Whether you're staying at home, or out trick-or-treating with your grandchildren, these tips should help you get through the witching hour...


Ways to stay safe

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  • If in any doubt, don't answer the door - you are not obligated to do so
  • Always check to see who's knocking before opening 
  • Keep the chain on the door or even double lock it
  • Safety in numbers - invite a friend or relative over for the evening to scoff cake talk about politics


Opt out

Nobody should have to hide away at Halloween to avoid answering the door. Many police constabularies have created downloadable posters which can be stuck to front doors to politely opt out of receiving treat-seeking visitors. Just download one from the following list, or if your local constabulary hasn't produced a poster, you can download a generic one here.


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North West Region


North East Region


West Midlands Region


East Midlands Region


South West Region


South East Region


Eastern Region




Opt in

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Of course, some of you may be donning your vampire fangs and trotting round with the grandchildren on Halloween night, but if you're home and don't mind having little visitors, why not put up an "opt in" poster, or get in the spirit (geddit?) with some spooky local activities.











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