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20 January 2017

What we're talking about today

My daughter-in-law keeps commenting on my weight

A nice young man rang this morning...

I'm having a clear out, but...

I've often thought that I would be an ideal spy.

Unless you can comfortably afford to lose £80k it doesn't sound like the ideal solution.

The world holds its breath as America prepares for an almighty Trump!

More from the forums

How to become a runner

Think you're not cut out for running? Think again... Gransnet Cardiff Editor Sharon Parry describes her journey from zero to bonafide 5k runner, with a handy little app that will get you there step by step.

How to become a runner

Looking for a new hobby?

From art classes to craft courses to social groups and the best places to get your creative supplies, our local editors have gathered up the art and craft treasure troves in their local areas. Whether you're after a place to test out those <ahem> life drawing skills or simply want to try your hand at pottery, check out these suggestions for the good, the intriguing and the downright fun.

Arts and Crafts

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How to conquer your fear of flying

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