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Gransnet Insight Panel - what you need to know

insight panel

Gransnet are looking for grandparents (and grandparents-to-be) who would be willing to join the Gransnet Insight Panel. Want to find out more? Here's the low-down on how it works. Fill out our form at the bottom of the page to join the panel or, if you'd like more information, please email insight@mumsnet.com.


Q: How does the panel work?
A: You sign up (below) and give your details. When we are commissioned to conduct research we will contact panel members that fit the research criteria, e.g have grandchildren aged 8-10 etc. Panel members will be sent either a link to a survey to complete or an invitation to take part in an online discussion, or the opportunity to take part in a product test and offer feedback either on Gransnet or in a survey.


Q: Is there an incentive?
A: Our mantra is always: never ask anyone to do something you wouldn't do. So there will always be an incentive to take part in each activity, usually in the form of entry into a prize draw. If we ask you to complete a third party survey (hosted by a research agency, for example) then you may need to provide your email address to them for the prize draw. They will only use this for the prize draw.


Q: How often will I be contacted?
A: It's hard to say, but you will be able to choose whether you take part or not, and can opt out of the panel at any time.


Q: Will I still be able to take part in other research on Gransnet?
A: Yes - these will continue and Gransnet Panel members will still be eligible to take part in any other research activity on Gransnet.


Q: Can anyone join the panel?
A: There's no restriction on who can join the panel, but you must be willing to take part in panel activity.


Q: Can I leave the panel?
A: Yes - you can opt out at any time by emailing insight@mumsnet.com or clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of an email from us.


Q: What if I'm sent a product I don't like?
A: Then you would add your feedback accordingly.


Q: What will happen to my name and address?
A: When a company wants the panel to try a product, we will send them your name and address for dispatch purposes. We will not send on your email address, phone number or Gransnet username. They will be asked to ensure that they only use the address for this project and not for any other purpose.



If you would like to join our panel, please fill out our Gransnet Insight Panel form here. Your details will be used as part of the Gransnet research panel. Data is confidential. Profile data will be used to filter the panel for projects and will not be passed on. Your Gransnet username will not be passed on. You will not receive any marketing.