Portuguese Chicken Recipe

Portuguese Chicken Recipe from shodatin

dairy free egg free nut free can make in advance ok to freeze low fat
Category Low fat recipes
ServesDepends on chicken size, 2-5
Prep time5 mins
Cook time10 &10 mins

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1 supermarket chicken, or similar economy bird

For the marinade

Wine & vinegar (about 50ml each)
Mediterranean herbs (approx 1 heaped tbsp if dried - I suggest mainly rosemary but depends on personal taste)

Handy Hint

Easy to prepare day earlier, as vinegar preserves chicken as well as tenderising. Good cold too, in fingers, etc. Remove skin if slimming.


1. Cut chicken into ten small pieces (scissor joints) and leave 4-24 hours in marinade, occasionally turning. Simmer in same marinade until cooked (or in oven).
2. About ten mins before serving, grill pieces until crispy, and almost black, hand salt.

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From: shodatin on Fri 16-Sep-11 12:39:02 Overall rating: 0.0
Everyone likes this - no-one imagines it's budget. This is the one recipe my American neighbour learned to cook from his Portuguese wife, hence name.