Stuffed chicken in overcoats recipe

Stuffed chicken in overcoats recipe from glammanana

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Category Chicken and poultry recipes
Serves4 adults
Prep time5 to 10 mins
Cook time25/30 mins

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Ease of finding ingredients 10
Ease of cooking10
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Success with adults10
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4 skinless chicken breasts
115g (4oz) cream cheese
15ml (4oz) snipped chives
8 rindless bacon rashers (strips)
15ml (1tbsp) olive oil
Ground black pepper
Green salad and jacket potato to serve.

Handy Hint

The filling can be changed to any that you fancy or any filling you have in your fridge which needs using up, so a really cheap meal.


1. Preheat oven to 200C/400F/Gas mark 6
2. Use a very sharp knife carefully make a horizontal split in the chicken breast but do not cut through.
3. To make the filling, beat the cream cheese and chives together in a bowl then divide into four portions, then using a teaspoon fill each slit in the chicken with the cream cheese mixture. Push the sides together to keep the filling in place.
4. Wrap each breast in two rashers of bacon and place in an oven proof dish for 25/30 mins brushing occasionally with olive oil. Season with black pepper.

gransnetter Reviews

From: lucid on Mon 11-Sep-17 18:00:42 Overall rating: 10.0
Delicious and easy, my favourite type of recipe. I used Boursin and diced, sautéed mushrooms for my filling.
From: glammanana on Mon 23-Jan-12 14:22:03 Overall rating: 0.0
This a quick and easy recipe which can be made in half an hour,any kind of filling can be used and it is good for the weight concious members that we have here on GN