Upside down and very quick fish pie recipe

Upside down and very quick fish pie recipe from glam

nut free kids can help
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Prep time10 mins
Cook time15 mins

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Packet of mixed white/smoked fish (eg from Tesco)
Packet of button mushrooms
1 chopped onion (or bunch of chopped spring onions)
Handful of chopped parsley (ideally frozen or fresh)
Glass of wine (optional)
Packet of hollandaise sauce (fresh section and usually next to the fish, or one of the other sauces -but be warned they have wheat/gluten in them)
Seasoning to taste and small knob of butter /olive oil
Cauliflower florets or packet of mash
Peas (any type - fresh, frozen or mushy).
French beans

Handy Hint

If made with cauliflower mash which keeps the carbs down, some may need a chunk of French bread (or a Gluten free roll). You need the green beans to provide texture and crunch to the dish and so if you are thinking of replacing, think crunchy!!


1. If using cauliflower then cook until very soft and mash. Season and stir in grated cheese and a teaspoon of mustard if you prefer a kick. Otherwise flavour the mash in the same way.
2. Using a wide/heavy-based non-stick frying pan or large wok gently cook the onion in the olive oil. Add the mushrooms.
3. Stir in the wine and reduce (otherwise your mix is too runny).
4. Add the butter and the fish and cook for about 6/10 mins depending on the size of the fish pieces.
5. Add parsley and stir in your ready made sauce of choice. Turn heat to lowest setting allowing the sauce to gently work through for approx 5 mins.
6. Meanwhile construct your dish - cauliflower or mash on plate, peas on the other side ( it works well with mushy peas with a dash of vinegar).
Carefully spoon fish fix on top.
Decorate the top with French beans and voila!

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Can be gluten free- see above.