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Prep time10 mins
Cook time30-40 mins

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Chicken breasts

Handy Hint

I had this at a pub in Scotland so cannot lay claim to the title or the recipe - I just made it up from eating there - seems to work well and nice change from usual haggis and neeps!


1. Make a pocket in chicken breasts and put in a little haggis (uncooked) - you split the haggis open and spoon in. Put a knob of butter on top of each, season and wrap each separately loosely in foil. Bake for 20/25 mins till done all the way through.
2. Undo parcels and place breasts on a warm plate (oo er!) Don't lose the juice in the parcels but put in a shallow pan (or the roasting pan you just used for the chicken) add a slosh of whisky and cook until reduced and alcohol gone then add carton of cream and simmer till thickened. Pour over chicken!

You could add a dollop of wholegrain mustard too - gives it a bit more oomph. To look good you can slice the chicken breasts so the haggis shows when serving. Serve with new pots and or mashed neeps and french beans.

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