Chicken and sweetcorn pasta recipe

Chicken and sweetcorn pasta recipe from grannybiker

dairy free egg free nut free can make in advance ok to freeze slow cooker low fat
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ServesNot stated
Prep time10 mins
Cook time4 hours

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Chicken carcass
1 litre chicken stock made with stock cubes
500g penne pasta
Tin of sweetcorn (Optional if your kids/grandchildren hate it!)

Handy Hint

Your house will smell lovely for when everyone gets home!


1. Add the chicken stock to chicken carcass and boil in slow cooker for 4 hours. (Alternatively, simmer on hob for 1 hour, although you may need more liquid.)
2. When cool, pick off chicken scraps.
3. Cook pasta in the sauce so that it absorbs the stock and reduces to a thicker sauce.
4. Add tin of sweetcorn. Done!

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As made by my Mum and her Mum before her.