Quick noodle soup recipe

Quick noodle soup recipe from cjeyte

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Prep time8 mins
Cook time12 mins

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2 noodle packs
8 rashers smoked bacon (chopped)
12 mushrooms
1 chicken breast (cubed)
Half Cucumber (skinned and diced)
2 x cloves garlic (chopped)
2 tbsp honey
Dash of Fish Sauce
Dash of sweet chilli sauce (both to taste)
Small handful of coriander (chopped)

Handy Hint

Finding the right balance between sweetness and salty is essential. Keep tasting the soup as you make it.


1. Boil the noodles, strain and set aside in a warm place.
2. Fry the bacon and chicken in a wok. Add the mushrooms after one minute with the garlic (chopped). Then add the fish sauce, honey and cucumber.
3. Slowly add boiled water. Taste and add either more fish sauce or honey as required.
4. Add the noodles. Turn to a low heat for two minutes.
5. Take two large warm bowls and turn out the noodle soup. Cover with a small amount of chilli sauce across the noodles and the coriander for decoration. Serve at once.

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From: cjeyte on Wed 13-Nov-13 15:41:34 Overall rating: 0.0
Good receipe if your grand child needs one at university!