Mushroom flash recipe

Mushroom flash recipe from tracyliz

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ServesNot stated
Prep time3 mins
Cook time3 mins

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6 largish button mushrooms
2 tbps. soy sauce
big squirt of fresh lemon juice
2 slices fresh bread (your choice)
1 cherry tomato and a basil leaf or two picked off that plant on your windowsill !


Slice the mushrooms,take off stalk ends. Pop onto a shallow dish and cover with Soya Sauce. Squirt or squeeze plenty of lemon juice over and microwave uncovered for two -three mins whilst toasting bread.Serve using a slotted spoon and add a cherry tomato and basil garnish--- Voila,fat free tasty supper in the time it takes to make a cuppa.

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Easy peasy,lemon squeezy