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Who remembers....

mgtanne71 on 12-May at 3:22 PM
Telegram boys dashing around on red motorbikes. Messages could be urgent and serious or just saying Happy Birthday. Most of us did not have telephones in those days and electronic communication had no...


axlefoley on 27-Feb at 11:55 PM
My life is at Family

my memories of school

Trevor47 on 23-Jul at 10:32 AM
School for me was painful Because I was a very shy and reserved child. I always found it agonizing going to school and being around children that were more livelier Than Me. I remained Shy Right in...

All My Yesterdays.

Maywalk on 19-Jun at 6:39 PM
I have written about the first 20 years of my life and had it put into book form that was sold with any proceeds after printing going t...

almost a year

al1ceand0scarsnana on 09-May at 9:52 AM
Next week 20th of May will be my husbands birthday,it will also be one of the saddest days, as it was the last time we had contact with our darling Grand-daughter Alice,since then we were not allowed ...

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