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Fighting #everydayageism - our current heroes

In the fight against ageism, we want to showcase and applaud the latest marketing initiatives and campaigns that promote ageing in a positive light. We're talking about those ads that remind us that age doesn't have to be and shouldn't be the defining factor in what path your career, love life, activities and even shopping habits take. At Gransnet we believe that men and women of all ages are valuable and worthy contributors to the society that we all share, and our #Everydayageism heroes are helping change attitudes by displaying age in a progressive, modern way.



We're loving this ad which at last recognizes what we've known for some time - that when you hit 50 (or get a little creakier in the mornings.,,) the world doesn't grow smaller - quite the opposite! Gransnetters have travelled to ever more far-flung corners of the globe and come back to tell us about it. So fir recognizing what we've known all along we'd like to say - Well done Staysure and keep up the good work!


 Helen Mirren

What's not to love about L'Oreal and our favourite woman (we want to friends with her so much) actress and icon Helen Mirren? Style, intelligence, talent and attitude. An inspiration to women of all ages. Thank you L'Oreal for showing us what real grown up beauty is

JD Williams

JD Williams

More real women in real (wear-able) underwear is one of the latest campaigns from fashion retailer JD Williams. Beautiful women, with no photo-shopping - now you see us!

TK Maxx

TK Maxx

Spotted by Grannyknot and admired by us all, TK Maxx shows us how to do fashion and swimwear in an elegant, sexy, inspirational way:

"I saw a fabulous ad (poster) portraying an older woman in a bathing suit in TK Maxx this morning. Wet hair slicked back, dripping wet, sand flecked face without a trace of make up, the picture shone with health and wellbeing...there's an ad agency that knows what it's doing."

 Seven Seas

seven seas

Well done Seven Seas for recognizing that while our nutritional needs will evolve with the passing years, our aspirations will not. 

& Other Stories and Vans


New this month (April '15) is & Other Stories collaboration with the very cool skate shoe (that's snazzy plimsols to you and me) Vans. Super-Dooper-Model Daphne Self proving there is no age bar to style, it's all about attitude. Nice work skater kids.

Barclays and The Positive Ageing Company

barclays and positive ageing

Barclays has joined up with The Positive Ageing Company in order to deliver employers new tools to support the differing financial needs of today's multi-generational workforce.

The online tool will offer a range of resources and articles specifically for the Baby Boomer generation. A round of applause for Barclays and The Positive Ageing Company for recognising the needs of the older worker! 

If you've spotted a hero fighting #everdayageism do let us know and we'll be glad to sing their praises in our heroes gallery.