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Haven't we all got a story to share about ageism? That promotion you deserved but never got because you’re the wrong side of 50. The sideways glances when you try to buy clothes from anywhere other than M&S. The well-meaning “at your age” comments from younger relatives. The daily misrepresentation (and under-representation) of older people in the media.


It's that pre-conception that being over 50 automatically means you want to don dowdy cardigans, knit scarves and wear slippers. Sadly, ageism doesn’t just exist, it’s a daily occurrence. Which is why we are launching #everydayageism, a platform for people of all ages to share their experiences of ageism and help tackle the stereotypes in today's society about what it means to be over 50. 

Our objectives

  • Identify ageism
  • Name and shame organisations and brands who practise ageism
  • Challenge ageism
  • Empower people to deal with ageism

Get involved

If you are individual with a story or experience to share, post it on the thread here or on Twitter or Facebook using #everydayageism.

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Supporters of #everydayageism

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Some stories so far

“I was made redundant about three years ago and after several applications for jobs and three interviews it was very clear to me (and made clear in one interview) that I was not going to be considered due to my age.”Mads

“My friend's husband who is very sprightly was in the Post Office recently and the assistant asked if he had a moment to spare to answer a survey. He agreed and she started to try and sell him a funeral plan! If she tries it on me I will tell her where to shove her stamps.” NanKate

“Ageism is alive and well. This can be endorsed by councils providing specific events for older people. If we do not mix socially with a wide age range people can become isolated, especially if mobility /health becomes an issue.” Penstemmon"

"Why do people only want to advertise disability aids, and funeral plans to us? Don't we buy food, cars, clothes, make-up, or any of the other ordinary everyday items bought by every other age group? Why do they only want to sell age specific items to us?”FlicketyB

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