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Win a bundle of sex toys worth over £100 and a copy of Great Sex Starts at 50

 great sex starts at 50

To celebrate the release of Great Sex Starts at 50, we're giving away two products from author Tracey Cox's brand new Lovehoney sex toy range - together worth £109.98 - and a copy of the book. The Tracey Cox Lovehoney range is designed specifically with over-50s in mind and the winner will recieve the Supersex Soft Feel G-Spot vibrator and the Supersex Soft Feel Clitoral Vibrator.

Michelle Obama, Jennifer Lopez, Dawn French, Helen Mirren and Annie Lennox didn’t get the memo that you’re meant to become sexless, invisible and dull when you hit half a century, and neither should we. Tracey Cox’s book, Great Sex at 50 is here to address the challenges that face us sexually in our 50s, 60s and beyond.

50 plus looks nothing like it used to. Fitter, healthier, many of us hit half a century with little sign of slowing down. And yet…there's no denying that something happens to us sexually at 50. The menopause brings with it a whole slew of challenges, from bottomed-out libidos to painful sex, weight gain and body image issues. Many men grapple with erectile dysfunction and the mixed blessing that is Viagra. Toss in dodgy knees, stiff backs and fatigue and sex can become a source of stress rather than pleasure.

Other challenges go beyond the physical: how do you ignite desire after decades with the same person? And what if you (or your partner) simply no longer wants to have sex? Happily, information and enthusiasm are all it takes to reclaim a robust sex life, whatever your situation.

Let international sex expert Tracey Cox navigate you through what's actually happening to your body and what you can do about it. She'll show you how to age-proof your libido and stop comparing the sex you had when you were young with the sex you have now; how to arouse yourself and your partner (hello, sex toys!), how to flirt (remember?), how to create the perfect conditions for sex, what to do when infidelity visits, how to navigate sex when you're 50- (or 60- or 70-) something and single, and so much more.

Using a blend of research, case histories and personal anecdotes, Great Sex Starts at 50 is real, reassuring, honest, funny and, most of all, empowering. This is not about trying to stay young, or turning back the clock - it's about being the best version of yourself so you can live the second half of your life as happily as the first.

Great Sex Starts at 50 by Tracey Cox publishes 6th February (Murdoch Books, £9.99) and you can buy it in bookshops or online. It is also available to buy as an e-book.

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