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July book club 12 gillyknits
Reading tiredness 17 gmelon
Circe by Madeline Miller 1 SeaWatcher
Two books I have recently really enjoyed 44 PECS
June Book Meet me at the Museum 57 GeminiJen
February book club - Three Things About Elsie 59 rocketstop
Do you ever re-read a book? 129 woodlark
Letters to my Daughters 1 annep
The Lido 10 annsixty
What time of day do you read. 90 etheltbags1
Borrow Box 5 GrannyGravy13
Fiction writers trying to be clever! 17 annep
Anyone else love Barbara Pym? 16 MargaretX
Anita Shreve. RIP 21 maytime2
May book club - The Colour of Bee Larkham's Murder 79 carolboz
Judith Kerr 6 Greyduster
Sail Away 5 gillgran
Simon Serailler 12 Ilovecheese
The well behaved Book Club 5 GeminiJen
Greatest Hits 4 DanniRae
Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine 23 grannyqueenie
Free classic books/novels downloads - any e reader or PDF 5 Belgravian
Kindle unlimited 15 celialillian
Which book is this? Driving me mad . 6 Greyduster
The Lido 1 Atqui
Group reading 1 celialillian
Donna Leon 99p on Amazon for kindle 11 Floradora9
April book club - Dear Mrs Bird 79 AJPearce
blog book- fat over 50 cycling France 1 andyscotuk
Book dislikes 150 SueDonim
40 Children's books chosen by Beanstalk 4 Cherrytree59
Death of an Honest Man - review 4 Glosgran
The Duchess Deal 2 Greyduster
What are you reading now 2 182 SueDonim
I cried all through this book 2 gmelon
March book. 90 granfromafar
Cathy Kelly's new book, The Year that Changed Everything. 2 DanniRae
Rebel Prince 1 mrsmopp
For a 9 year old 91 Jalima1108
April book not available . 14 CariGransnet
April book club - A Dangerous Crossing 103 Mapleleaf
November Book Club :At First Light 65 CariGransnet
Penelope Lively 22 Apricity
Two Kitchens by Rachael Roddy 3 EllenT
Snow books 12 Bathsheba
The Bag and The Bucket 3 Redpaws
January book club - Anatomy of a Scandal 48 GeminiJen
Imperfect Heroines. 10 Jane10
Your own book clubs 16 lemongrove
Happiness for Humans by P.Z. Reizin 2 GrannyGear