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March book. 65 SueDonim
April book club - A Dangerous Crossing 103 Mapleleaf
November Book Club :At First Light 65 CariGransnet
February book club - Three Things About Elsie 58 quizqueen
Penelope Lively 22 Apricity
Two Kitchens by Rachael Roddy 3 EllenT
Kindle unlimited 1 Floradora9
What are you reading now 2 173 TerriBull
Snow books 12 Bathsheba
The Bag and The Bucket 3 Redpaws
What time of day do you read. 78 AlgeswifeVal
January book club - Anatomy of a Scandal 48 GeminiJen
Imperfect Heroines. 10 Jane10
Your own book clubs 16 lemongrove
Happiness for Humans by P.Z. Reizin 2 GrannyGear
Book dislikes 123 Pat321
Do you ever re-read a book? 96 etheltbags1
Book Review 2 gillybob
January book club Expression of Interest - where... 24 CariGransnet
Bletchley Park Brainteasers 18 tiggers
Instrumental 3 Atqui
Fire and Fury in the White House 10 NotTooOld
Books for boys? 41 Telly
Childrens' picture book I am trying to locate 13 vampirequeen
August - The Keeper of Lost Things 74 Lovetopaint037
The Gift 1 Teetime
Father Christmas and Me 1 luckybean
The best science long reads of 2017 3 GeminiJen
The Bucket by DJ Cattrell 1 suttonJ
Thin Air 2 Moocow
How do I apply for a book club book 9 Morgana
Personalised Book Bundle 1 grannyqueenie
Father Christmas & Me 2 Marydoll
Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine 8 silverlining48
The Hiding Places 4 Greenfinch
Secrets of a Happy Marriage 1 Sulis
October book club - Cousins 43 harrigran
Agatha Raisin & the Witches Tree 10 annsixty
Some good books I'd like to recommend 60 Applegran
December book club. 3 gillyknits
September Book Club 109 CariGransnet
Dr Zhivago 16 tessagee
The Snowman - Jo Nesbo 8 Mapleleaf
STEVENAGE 3 JaneLewis1
June book club - Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine 97 JaneLewis1
June book club - The Essex Serpent 61 Nandee
Owl Babies 3 Mopsx4
Amazon unlimited 2 annsixty
Perfectly Norman 4 cde58
Can anyone recommend any Australian authors please? 20 MissAdventure