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*2021 - 50 BOOKS FOR THE YEAR*

674 Juno56

Biographies that you've enjoyed

86 LadyGracie

What should I read?

9 hollysteers

Audio books

18 Airedale19

Help - I need to choose a book for my book club.

114 Clawdy

The Salt Path by Raynor Winn

8 MayBee70

Books to movies

26 LMCauthor

How to be Good Nick Hornby

4 MayBee70

The Chalet School books

56 trisher

The miniaturist by Jessie Burton

14 Sara1954

Bella Figura by Kamin Mohammadi

4 Nanna58

The Thursday Murder Club

84 Willjac123

American Dirt

13 Nanna58

All the light we cannot see by A Doerr

24 nanna8

Three Hours by Rosamund Lupton

5 GrannyGravy13

Has anyone read The Headmasters Wager?

6 Charlotte2

Great books to read

7 moleswife

2 night read !

5 jaisome257

Seven Sisters Series

48 annodomini

A book that has made you think long after you have finished reading it

156 jeapurs54

Devorgilla Days by Kathleen Hart

7 Tummelthecat

Meghan, but not Meghan

229 Ellianne

Finding the right publisher for my book

7 Silvergrand

British Crime novels

65 Billybob4491

Quentin Letts on the "Bossocracy&quo t;

3 Blinko

The worst books ever to have won the Booker Prize

4 adaunas

Eric Carle RIP

6 Sarnia

Aquila/Childrens National Geographic

8 Baggs

The Three Swans

18 Lillian40

Authors you want to shout about

229 timetogo2016

Anyone know this children's book?

4 lemsip

Please help me find a book!

2 Maggiemaybe

Upset about disorganized book group

37 CafeAuLait

In praise of Julia Donaldson, Jill Murphy and many others

41 NotSpaghetti

Raynor Winn - The Salt Path

26 MayBee70

What books are you reading and why?

305 david025

Local library

16 david025

Suggestions on new type of book genre

3 CocoPops

Any nominations for those passages in novels which bring you to tears every time you read them?

63 Clawdy

Great book

1 Ealdemodor

Edgar Sawtelle Novel

5 Beechnut

Obsessed with finding a book

9 FannyCornforth

Really Rubbish Books

275 Sara1954

Hamnet am I the only reader who isn’t over the moon with it.

28 Braganza

Dr Seuss books 'hurtful'

17 GagaJo

Thoughts on how to Share or Swap Books?

11 Susie42

Reached the end of a series

5 Sarnia

What are you reading now 2

363 Whitewavemark2

Suggestions on new type of book genre

26 J52

Rivers of London series

11 Happyhound