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November book club - Bitter by Francesca Jakobi 57 FrancescaJakobi
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Walking Apart by Catherine Finch 1 Nannykatrine
Circe by Madeline Miller 5 Craftycat
Anne Tyler books on Amazon for kindle 8 pensionpat
Donating books 21 Witzend
The Love Song of Queenie Hennessy 5 dragonfly46
September book club - leave your thoughts and questions for Lesley 54 LesleyPearse
The Winter Ghosts. Kate Mosse. 7 Sar53
Historical novel set in beautiful Corsica. 3 GrandyC
The Anniversary by Hilary Boyd 3 gillgran
Fatal Inheritance by Rachel Rhys 1 eGJ
The Peacock Summer 7 DuggieT
Julia's Shilling - a novel about Life in the 19th Century 3 Elrel
Lethal White - 4th in the Cormoran Strike series 20 Cold
October book club - An Italian Summer 59 FannyBlakeAuthor
BOSH! Vegan cookbook 3 bigcol1
Help with book on Scottish theme 46 GeminiJen
Mmmm not really clicking with The Keeper of Lost Things 21 Bookreader2403
How do I borrow e books from Library my kindle is too old I think 20 seacliff
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An Italian Summer by Fanny Blake 17 obag
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