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April book club - A Dangerous Crossing 96 Maggiemaybe
What are you reading now? 967 Greyduster
May book club - This Must Be the Place 26 Pittcity
Sophie finds a Fairy Door 6 Luckygirl
Crime books 144 Alima
Clarissa Dickson Wright 9 Marmight
Secret Garden 10 rocketstop
play and bed time with ted books. 1 matson
Free Books 5 Atqui
Shane Dunphy 1 Floradora9
The English Agent 22 Greenfinch
March book club - The Girlfriend 60 Maggiemaybe
Radio Boy 5 Greenfinch
Is Amazon killing off bookshops? 108 Hilltopgran
Find out what Gransnetters think of City of Friends by Joanna Trollope 73 Marydoll
Recipes from my Mother 8 50socks
Ann Cleaves on Kindle 4 NonnaW
Fiction reviews 113 junesmith11
February book club - This Is How It Always Is 79 mrsmopp
Kristin Lavransdatter 2 Greenfinch
writing books 5 miguelriley
March book - The Girlfriend 17 CariGransnet
The Zookeeper's Wife 3 Karanlouise
Books - Are you a perseverer? 31 JoyBloggs
Suzanna's Diary for Nicholas - James Patterson 3 Gran123456789
tiger days 6 Annie29
January book club - Everyone Brave is Forgiven 82 Swanny
Go Set a Watchman- Harper Lee 11 trisher
Light Between Oceans - M L Steadman 21 Eloethan
Children's book giveaway: Give Please a Chance 44 rocketstop
Everyone Brave is Forgiven 2 janbattle
November book club - Cartes Postales from Greece 93 VictoriaHislopauthor
Old Friends 6 DanniRae
The Secret Horses of Briar Hill by Megan Shepherd 2 gillybob
A recommendation 11 NanKate
Who can tell me ........... 41 grannyqueenie
Christmas Crackers - a book of rhymes, jokes and riddles in aid of Parkinson's reserach 1 c1E2f3
October book club 100 flump
Poems you love and want to share 174 michel55
Missed December book club 2 Maggiemaybe
Missed December book club 3 Elsie10
Audio books (Amazon audible) 11 adnilc
Alan Bennett 24 rosesarered
August book club - The Silk Merchant's Daughter 73 ValC
Recordable books 2 Mumsy
Thrillers and Crime novels 27 Waveney
Kindle or physical book? 104 Lewlew
Debbie Macomber books 8 annodomini
Some good books I'd like to recommend 56 bookaddict
September book club - The Ballroom 75 AnnaHope