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Barney Norris

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What are you reading now 2

434 soop

The children’s book you remember best

442 gagsy

Entertaining grandchildren

3 welbeck

The Paper Palace - SPOILER alert

5 Urmstongran

The Book of Form and Emptiness by Ruth Ozeki.

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Any writers in here

48 OldScallop

Floella Benjamin " What Are You Doing Here "

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For those of you who enjoyed resding Where the Crawdads Sing

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1 Shelflife

Books that everyone likes except you?

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I’ve just discovered Ursula Bloom…

8 Mine

Books I Have Known, Read and Re-Read.

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Help. Can’t read.

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Any recommendations on Kindle unlimited

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James Patterson

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The Little Princesses

13 M0nica

Has anyone read The Headmasters Wager?

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Stuart MacBride

36 grannypiper

Rachel’s Holiday by Marion Keyes

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Funny books

30 AuntieEleanorsCat

The Four Winds

6 AussieNanna

The Black Dress by Deborah Moggach

14 Catterygirl

Mustn’t Grumble what a great read

10 Kinsi10

When you give someone a book..

66 hollysteers

Book at Bedtime on Radio 4, do you listen?

24 granfromafar

The Lamplighters by Emma Stonex

3 Sparklefizz

What books are you reading and why?

368 Clawdy

Saving Missy

3 J52

Penny Vincenzi

2 GrannyGravy13

Bill Bryson "The Body"

11 giulia

Any advice on how I learn to write a book?

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36 ShropshireMiss

Robert Galbraith

10 Treebee

Has your kindle changed recently?

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Deconolisation of literature curriculum

102 GagaJo

Historical fiction

42 TerriBull

First post - other authors?

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The Thursday Murder Club

116 Esmay

Buying Books - alternatives to Amazon

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The gardener Sally Vickers

4 Atqui

Ethel and Ernest (Raymond Briggs)

46 mistymitts

Please help me find a book!

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World Book Day 2022

29 Peartree

The Curator of Broken Things

2 lavendermine

Susan hill

45 Calendargirl

"Classic" books

26 Blossoming

How to read difficult book?

57 Kali2

*2021 - 50 BOOKS FOR THE YEAR*

859 harrymad22