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"I made two small jars of raspberry and gooseberry jam last week. I gave one to my sister and the other I kept. I haven't been able to stop eating it - it's so delicious!"

The alchemy of jam is one of life's simple pleasures. With just two ingredients and a bit of patience, you've got the basis of breakfasts, puddings, and even (if you're feeling a bit generous) a lovely gift. Here are our favourite recipes from the forums, from your basic blackcurrant to a slightly more exotic Persian quince. 


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Damson and apple jam 

damson and apple jam


1kg damsons 
500g cooking apples 
1/4 litre water 
Granulated sugar (weight to be assessed during cooking)




  1. Wash and de-talk damsons.
  2. Chop up apples leaving skin on.
  3. Place damsons and water in a very large saucepan and bring to boil.
  4. Add chopped apples.
  5. Boil gently until fruit is soft and the pips are separating from fruit.
  6. Put all fruit through a colander to remove pips and skin, leaving a fruit puree.
  7. Weigh fruit puree and add the same weight of sugar (discard pips and skins)
  8. Mix sugar in well.
  9. Bring puree to the boil, and boil gently for about 15 minutes, or until a small amount of jam "wrinkles" a few minutes after being dripped on to a cold plate.
  10. While the jam is boiling a froth will form on the surface which should be spooned off and discarded.
  11. Also while the jam is cooking, warm clean dry jam jars ready to fill, seal and label.


Blackcurrant jam 

blackcurrant jam


900g blackcurrants
1.4kg granulated sugar


  1. De-string and wash the blackcurrants.
  2. Put them in a bowl and prick the currants with a fork - enjoy yourself at this point and let yourself go - it is good if each one is punctured!
  3. Mix in the sugar with the blackcurrants.
  4. Cover and leave overnight.
  5. Next morning, add them to a pan and heat gently until the sugar is all dissolved.
  6. Boil for three minutes and no more - no need to test for setting.
  7. Leave to stand for 30 minutes.
  8. Stir to distribute the fruit and pot in the usual way.

Persian quince jam 

quince jam


2kg quinces
1.5 kg jam sugar
Juice of 6 fresh limes
2 tbsp rose water



  1. Wash and peel quinces.
  2. Remove hard middle core and cut into thin slices.
  3. Put fruit into large saucepan, add enough water to cover and cook over low heat for 30 minutes. 
  4. Add sugar, continue to cook over low heat for three hours. The mixture will become quite thick and will turn a very dark red.
  5. Test for setting, when this is achieved (it could take another 45 minutes). Add the lime juice. Cook for another five minutes, add the rosewater and jar up.


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Apricot jam

apricot jam


225g dried Apricots
1.8kg apples
340g sugar



  1. Soak dried apricots overnight.
  2. Core but do not peel apples and cut into large pieces.
  3. Drain apricots and cook apples in water left from soaking until they are mushy.
  4. Sieve the apples and to each pint of apple 'pulp', add 340g sugar.
  5. Boil apricots and apples together until set reached. Put into jars.


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