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Top chocolate cake recipes

Chocolate orange cake

We've pulled together the best chocolate cake recipes for those moments when nothing but the ultimate decadence will do. WARNING: this page is dangerous reading for anyone still aiming to be on any kind of diet (apart from the "eat chocolate cake every day of the week" diet that we recently invented...any takers?)


Chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache

If you want a proper professional-looking chocolate cake topped with a delicious dark chocolate ganache and guaranteed to impress guests, this is the one for you. Also recommended as a base for a Black Forest trifle - simply add liqueur, cherries, custard and cream on top of the cake for a divinely wicked dessert.


Orange and courgette cake

It's not Terry's... Actually it really isn't, it's snailspeak's recipe for semi-healthy (vegetables are healthy, right?) courgette and orange cake.


Long-lasting chocolate cake

Chocolate cake

Have you got the willpower? Can you resist eating the whole thing in one day? If so, you need pamgran's long-lasting chocolate cake - which allegedly kept lovely and moist for an entire camping holiday. Once you've got your mind around exactly how a whole family could have such restraint, check out the recipe below.


Special occasions

Chocolate cups cake

Possibly the easiest chocolate cake recipe you'll ever lay your eyes on. No scales required, just a mug and a teaspoon. No more than the equipment you need to make a cup of tea, in short. Make these when you don't have much time for the actual cooking.


Chocolate birthday cake

Kids' chocolate birthday cake

Grandkids' birthdays are an important occasion for celebration (and, in case you thought we forgot why we were here), chocolate cake-eating. This one will make any self-respecting grandchild burst with joy, topped with its jellied sweets and chocolate buttons. And if you're a glutton for punishment, it's big enough for a party.


Chocolate courgette cake

We know, we know, we promised you absolutely no health talk in these tips, but how about a chocolate cake that contains one of your five a day? This courgette chocolate cake from Baggy has yum written all over it (don't hold us to the five-a-day thing, by the way).










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