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AIBU create a little quiet corner?

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Notsogrand Wed 08-Jun-11 13:53:42

I thought I'd make just a little quiet place to sit and sing 'la la la' inside my head.
It's a special place where no-body gets hold of the wrong end of the stick and no-body feels insulted or marginalised.
La la la........

Annobel Sun 27-Nov-11 23:41:59

As well as it can be in the circumstances, GA.

Ariadne Mon 28-Nov-11 09:41:41

Granto7 thanks

Annobel, thanks for contacting Tosh. Send her our love!

GoldenGran Mon 28-Nov-11 10:03:54

Glad tosh is ok, I also have been thinking of her, hope she comes back soon. Granto7, yes this is the place to let loose your feelings, hope you feel better

yogagran Mon 28-Nov-11 11:29:16

Thanks for that Annobel - hope to hear from her soon

Granto - is today a better day?

GeraldineGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 28-Nov-11 11:37:34

Dear Quiet Cornerers, this thread is now very large (we normally close them at 1000 posts) and slow to load if you try to 'show all' - so we wondered if someone would like to start a second Quiet Corner? This one is just going to slow Gransnet down for you if we keep it going. (You'll still be able to find and look at it of course.) Hope that's OK.

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