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Am I being silly

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joshsnan Fri 22-Jul-11 22:33:22

Hi ladies, just want to know your views... I'm 58...I took early retirement in March, decided to look after my grandson 2days a wk and catch up with old friends and travel more. Now I will get to the point of my post...I have always loved horses and I used to horse ride up to getting married 36yrs ago ( had to give it up with having a mortgage and then children coming along ) well this last couple of months I've took horse riding up again (i'm having lessons lost a lot of my confidence although a lot of it is coming back) and I love it, yesterday when I came back from a lesson I bumped into some of my neighbours and they asked me where I had been...told them that I had been horse riding, their reply was one of shock and then they started laughing saying things like do you not think your to old to be doing things like that, I was a bit taken aback, then my sister called this morning and I was telling her about what my neighbours had said, and then she said she agrees with them, her words were I thought you had got all that out of your system yrs ago. So now i'm left wondering am I to old to take horse riding back up again and learning all over again. I'm not usually one to let people get to me and I'm certainly not one that usually keeps their mouth shut when someone makes derogatory comments, but now I'm feeling quite low and wondering if I am being silly learning to ride again..I must add my husband is very supportive of me and loves the fact that I'm taking interest in new things (hes words it keeps you young) Sorry for the long post and thankyou all for reading. confused

GoldenGran Mon 22-Aug-11 16:41:54

Way to go Hunt!Envy you your narrow boat grin Hope your husband is better.

jackyann Mon 22-Aug-11 16:30:43

I want to amend the old saying to "You're only as old as the horse you're riding".
I agree that it is sensible to consider specific safety issues. Having done that, do what you please; ride when you want, stop when you want.
It's no other b^$$3r's business!

Yummygran Mon 22-Aug-11 15:37:42

I am 54 and like you love horses, I don't ride very often, but only because I work fulltime and am a part time degree student, as well as enjoying two GC. I am looking forward to teaching them to ride and don't intend giving up myself anytime soon. Admittedly we might not bounce as we as we did when younger, but you as others have said you can kill yourself crossing the road. Good on you......keep on riding!

Leticia Mon 08-Aug-11 17:18:14

Life is for living-get out and do it-good luck!

Leticia Mon 08-Aug-11 17:17:38

Take no notice whatsoever! My friend is 71yrs and is out riding everyday and very involved with pony club.
I went skiing last season, with a group all at least as old as you. They were all advanced skiers and would have laughed at the thought they were too old.
I am slightly older than you and have just done a tandem skydive. I go running most days.
I have never heard such rubbish!!

crimson Sun 07-Aug-11 20:12:54

Please tell us more about your horse. He/she sounds like a dear, a real schoolmaster.

Nanban Sun 07-Aug-11 19:28:34

Hello joshsnan, I had riding lessons for my 60th, a horse for an anniversary pressie. I've had two concussions and changed horses three times now and it has been the most magical adventure which I wouldn't have swapped for anything. Now, my old horse and I communicate in a very magical way. Go, go, go ......

Jacey Sun 07-Aug-11 18:33:37

joshsnan I totally agree with bikergran last post ...go for it ...we only have so much time before infirmity, lack of confidence and lack of resources get's in the way of those 101 things we'd always planned to do ...just be sensible and take all the right precautions ...enjoy life while you still can wink

Jangran Sun 07-Aug-11 13:39:56

I always wanted to learn to ride a horse, but it was always too expensive when I was younger.

I did enjoy pony-trekking - sitting on a horse's back and being taken for a ride as a real beginner - but I hankered for the real thing.

So I celebrated my 60th birthday by signing up for riding lessons.

The result - I learned to ride; I never even felt like falling off, and I got as far as managing a rising trot. Then I got bored with riding.

Nowadays, I don't even want to go pony-trekking, which is a pity.

But at no time did I even consider the idea that I was too old. Surely your state of health is the only consideration?

I am still trying to master swimming, though, and, thanks to my grandchildren, I am making progress there too.

maxgran Wed 27-Jul-11 15:17:55

I can't see what the problem is here. You love riding - you know people who are negative.
Drop the friends/neighbours and stick to the horses.

I think its great that you have rediscovered riding. The Queen still rides I believe and she is in her eighties ! ( or she was riding until a few years ago, anyway !)

BTW - I am nearly 58 and I play football with my grandsons,.. go on the swings at the park,.. and I roller skate too - My mother was very ill at 57 - and she died when she was 58,... I intend to do whatever I want as long as I am able - and th elonger you do stuff - the longer you are able !!

NewGranLin Sun 24-Jul-11 17:20:04

Hi, Take no notice of the naysayers - age is just a number. If you are fit and able and can afford the lessons go ahead. Remember it will be the things you didn't do that you will regret....

Gally Sun 24-Jul-11 08:45:41

Well done Joshsnan - I think once you have sorted everything out in your head and you are happy with your decision you should go for it!smile

ElseG Sun 24-Jul-11 07:14:58

This is good to hear smile

joshsnan Sat 23-Jul-11 22:57:11

Thank You Ladies for all your comments, after a lot of thought and with the help of your comments my decision is to carry on Riding...I have a brilliant Riding Instructor that I trust and have confidence in...the safety at the school is paramount and I wear a padded body protector that also supports and covers the back, all lessons are supervised and are on a one to one basis. I have felt so much fitter and have had lots more energy since I started and know that I would miss it if I gave it up.

Gally- I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin...what a terrible thing to happen...I wish her well and hope she continues to improve...I have taken your concerns on board and thank you for your comments

Bikergran- Your post made me laugh so much ( I had visions of you and your friend speeding up the motorway on your motorbikes lol ) you really are an inspiration to us all. I like you have no intentions of letting my life just pass me by and intend to make the most of my retirement.

To everyone else that replied thank you, you are ALL amazing Women wine cheers ladies

crimson Sat 23-Jul-11 15:40:15

Was going to say what Zephrine has said, but I'd also add to choose your horses carefully.

jangly Sat 23-Jul-11 15:38:53

oh well, thats not much better than hi i'm here!

cheaty cheat!

Elegran Sat 23-Jul-11 15:34:34

I read that too.

glassortwo Sat 23-Jul-11 15:26:23

She did *biker yes as in designer

bikergran Sat 23-Jul-11 15:21:12

did she!!! well I never knew that!! Laura Ashley as in the designer! shock

jangly Sat 23-Jul-11 15:19:14


oh that'll do!

Elegran Sat 23-Jul-11 15:14:45

Go for it, Joshsnan. If you don't, you will regret it.

absentgrana Sat 23-Jul-11 14:52:31

Standing at the corner of a quiet back street on my way home from the swimming pool, I was very nearly killed by a car that swerved across the road and hurtled along the pavement straight towards me (driver probably asleep at the wheel). Given that you are rediscovering the joys of horseriding in a wholly responsible way, joshsnan I can't see a) what business it is of anyone else and b) what on earth they are criticising.

Zephrine Sat 23-Jul-11 13:08:17

Get a back protector, put your hat on and go for it! Laura Ashley died falling down stairs in her own house, nothing in life is risk free and how boring it would be if we all sat wrapped in cotton wool and did nothing.

Hunt Sat 23-Jul-11 11:16:17

At the age of 80 my husband and I still go out on our narrowboat, we just don't do things like jumping off and can cope with all the steering, ropes, etc. We have given up cycling only because the roads into the town are so dangerous. Incidentally my husband fell and broke his neck while walking across a room so trouble can hit you anywhere. Follow your star,Joshsnan, and carry on riding!

mickey Sat 23-Jul-11 10:59:01

I am 68 and I have my own pony and intend to ride for as long as I can.At our age you don't choose a flighty one-older ones may be best.Take no notice of others-its great fun,healthy and hopefully keeps you fit. Just think they are zealous.