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bagitha Sat 04-Feb-12 16:18:09

a kimono style loose jacket made in a Kaffe Fassett design. It's expensive so I'd have to raid the piggy bank (drastically). I don't need it ("reason not the need; our basest beggars", etc). It's really me – style and colours. I don't spend any money on make-up or my hair and I have very few no 'posh' clothes. I would wear it a lot. Why can't I justify it to myself?

Ariadne Sat 04-Feb-12 19:09:25

baggy please send me the website! xx

jeni Sat 04-Feb-12 19:19:56

Peruvian connections. I loved the payment bit. Not just mr mrs miss ms etc but the honourable, lord ,lady, HRH etc
You know it's expensive when you have that sort of choice.grin

Annobel Sat 04-Feb-12 19:22:26

I hope that when it arrives you will post a picture on your profile.

bagitha Sat 04-Feb-12 19:34:19

The website is Peruvian Connection. A lot of it is for skinny malinky long-leggses with a sexy pout (wish that blond model would close her mouth!), but there is gorgeous stuff that would suit us all. It's the "origami kimono" I'm going for. Once in a lifetime.....


Jacey Sat 04-Feb-12 20:11:27

Thank you Jeni ...thought I found the one bagitha wanted!
Enjoy it bagithasunshine

Had a bit of a rummage on the site ...downloaded a couple of free scarf patterns ...though couldn't get the couple of tops to download ...but pretty certain they would be beyond my skills range.

Think I'm going to have to go on Amazon and find one of his knitting books ...I so like his designs. smile I think I first came across him in the 80s ...he did a tv series?? I bought a needlework book then.

glassortwo Sat 04-Feb-12 20:16:30

Oh I love some of the coats....

Quiltinggran Sat 04-Feb-12 20:21:04

I love his fabrcs and his quilting and patchwork books too. Have just started a commissioned quilt mainly using his 'jewel' prints - I just know I shan't want to hand it over when it's finshed! And I will be looking at the Peruvian Connection website any minute now!

glassortwo Sat 04-Feb-12 20:29:07

quilting respect, I would love to have the skill to produce something so beautiful.

Quiltinggran Sat 04-Feb-12 20:29:59

Seen it and it's fabulous. envy

glassortwo Sat 04-Feb-12 20:34:35

baggy just looked at your profile, is your hair long now, you have changed your profile photo?

bagitha Sat 04-Feb-12 21:01:24

That photo is from five or six years ago. I'm re-growing my hair and it's an indeterminate shoulder length now but more like that than the previous photo. Apart from general 'fading' (and wrinkles and more grey silver hair) my face hasn't changed much wink.

bagitha Sat 04-Feb-12 21:13:27

quilting, which quilt are you making? I have several of the KF quilt books so I might have a picture.

shysal Sat 04-Feb-12 21:58:19

I have fallen in love with the sea horse cardigan, but unlike bagitha I don't think I would often wear it because I am always too hot. Can't justify the £520!

jeni Sat 04-Feb-12 22:08:44

Ting*i have always wanted a patchwork quilt. Where can I buy them?

Quiltinggran Sat 04-Feb-12 22:10:55

bagitha this quilt is the very simple 'bars of gold' made with jelly rolls and with cerise sashings so it will rely on and look fabulous (I hope) with the fantastic KF fabrics. I made one for a friend last year in gorgeous autumn shades - and could hardly part with that one either! My favourite book of his at the moment is 'Simple Shapes Spectacular Quilts.

jeni Sat 04-Feb-12 22:11:50

That should read quilting.
I think their stuff is gorgeous. The stuff I bought was all in the sale!

jeni Sat 04-Feb-12 22:16:04

I really want the ikebana dress andtropicana dressage,

Jacey Sat 04-Feb-12 22:16:51

Quiltinggran is that the one you'd recommend? Sorry ...quilting book?

Have been on Amazon looking at his knitting books ...but want to check them out -in hand - before ordering one/any!!

Think my quilting skills are higher than my knitting ones would go with a recommendation for that. thanks

Quiltinggran Sat 04-Feb-12 22:19:23

jeni you'll find lots of patchwork quilts on the net at all sorts of prices. Just be careful that you don't pay a high price for something that's mass produced! or badly made! It's probably better to look up your local area shops/quilters and try to see examples and talk to the quilter if you can. Do pm me if I can be of any further help.

jeni Sat 04-Feb-12 22:23:03

Thanks Q
Sounds a bit James bondish?

whatisamashedupphrase Sat 04-Feb-12 22:39:12

£429!!!!!!!!! shock

It's got no buttons!

You'd better frame it and put it on the wall in a shaded position!

jeni Sat 04-Feb-12 22:43:40

Yes I agree, it's lovely. A little above my pay grade though.
Not quite my style either. If you look at the ones I like you'll find my tastes are classically boring?

jeni Sat 04-Feb-12 22:46:15

Come on bags, my paintings are more than that but I see them all and every day .
Curiously they are all sea scenes. Tells you something about me!

jeni Sat 04-Feb-12 22:49:17

I think we ought to get commission from them. How about gn negotiating a discount with them. After all we are all ladies.
( well I wonder about jing on occasions?confused

whatisamashedupphrase Sat 04-Feb-12 22:50:53