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Would you still eat it if you found a.......... in it? do not read if your having fish for tea!

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bikergran Sat 11-Feb-12 16:38:11

Have posted here instead of food topic as it's going to be ready in about 30/40 mins and I cannot decide? and if your having fish for tea then maybe do not read any further! )will leave a space so need to scroll down.

DH has not been eating well adn he kept tellingme about this "fish pie" that the man on the tv adverst makes!
Sooooo me being a good wife went and bought fish this morn (cost me £7 shock as I thought I would make him a nice home made fish pie topped with mashed pots and cheese etc.
so I cooked the fish in milk n water seasoned it etc then got my slotted spoon and took out the fish to put in dish (left the milk n water in the pan to make a sauce) so far so good.
so Im swirling the milk/water round before adding the cornflour and though hmmm [hmm}?? whats that long thing floating around..( about a good 2 inch long thin and whiet coloured)! I fishes it out (pardon the pun) and I thought ohhhhhh myyyy its worm!!! a long white worm!!! I put it to one side whilst i got my magnifyer!1 and yes it is a worm "dead of course" im not sure if it is a full worm it looks liek a may ahve choped some off!!!shock
Now I am not a great fish eater...but have just started becoming one as its easy for DH to eat and then...the question is.
"Would you still eat it"?? "Could you still eat it"?? if I suddnely don't have any then DH would woder why and he prob would not have any (I havnt said anything to him and if I told him I know he couldnt eat it)!!
it has cost me prob about £10 by time I bought pots/etc to go with it....
??? anyone?

Annobel Sat 11-Feb-12 23:42:36

Oh dear! I'm being put right off fish! And I'd just stocked up the freezer too.

bagitha Sun 12-Feb-12 07:09:34

I wonder how many fish worms I've eaten over the years? smile

whatisamashedupphrase Sun 12-Feb-12 10:33:53

I wish I hadn't read this thread. wink grin

susiecb Sun 12-Feb-12 10:36:36

That's why I wouldn't eat shark. A chef told me all shark have tape worms or similar and they take it out in the kitchen. Mind you its probably on the list of endangered fish now- dont see it so much on menus.

harrigran Sun 12-Feb-12 18:01:27

Very common to find worms, one needs good eyesight to avoid ingestion. We have been served fish in restaurants that had worms, they usually say they remove the ones they see. we probably eat dishes that have been contaminated.