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National team? Then sing the National Anthem!

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nannym Sat 28-Jul-12 11:06:06

DS has just pointed out to me that two Scottish members of the GB Ladies football team and two Welsh members of the men's football team did not sing the National anthem at the start of their games. Kim Little, one of the ladies involved has said she was demonstrating her personal choice. I can't help feeling that if they have such a problem about being part of a unified Britain then they should have turned down the opportunity to take part and allowed someone more deserving of the honour to take their place.

merlotgran Sun 29-Jul-12 11:05:28

I can understand anybody thinking the words of the second verse onwards are ridiculous so I think they should be ditched. The first verse is fine (if a little soppy). Nobody needs a lengthy anthem for awards ceremonies. We always giggle when anthems go on and on, sounding as though they're being made up on the spot. flag flag

dorsetpennt Sun 29-Jul-12 12:08:02

Do you know very few other countries have qualms about singing their National Anthem, in fact they are proud to. As a child in Canada we sang God Save the Queen and Oh Canada. So why can't the Scots and Welsh, given that she is your queen too you know. Sing your own anthem and the God Save the Queen which is for all the countries in the UK not just England. I'd understand if you were having to sing God Save England. If the athletes want to be part of Team GB then sing the Anthem, as whenim64 has said this is not a time for any demonstration. If there is a Team Scotland or Team Wales why aren't you playing for them, there isn't one is there? It would cost those countries far too much better we compete under the GB umbrella

Elegran Sun 29-Jul-12 12:19:09

Depends on the level of dissent, I suppose. Wanting political change in a country with massive corruption and inequality and no chance of influencing change justifies more of an international show of dissent than preferring a republic to a monarchy in a country where you can take internal action via the ballot box.

I agree, they were dignified in their quiet silence, better than interrupting the proceedings with a demonstration.

Elegran Sun 29-Jul-12 12:21:40

dorset The proportion of monarchists in Scotland is much the same as in England. It is just that the antis shout louder and are more visible.

whenim64 Sun 29-Jul-12 12:21:56

C'mon all you Scots, join in....

'And like a torrent rush
Rebellious Scots to crush
God save the Queen'

Doesn't quite gel for me, but a Replican would say that! grin

Elegran Sun 29-Jul-12 12:36:11

Don't know why that verse isn't completely binned! It reminds everyone of the bloody revenge taken by the butcher Cumberland after Culloden. Doesn't exactly help cross-border relations! That each side in that battle was made up of units from England and Scotland, Highland and Lowland, and from other nations too is a fact since faded from memory, but the song lingers on.

History shows that probably all modern nations were made of smaller units that once fought bitterly to the death. Eventually they have to sink their differences and bacome part of a greater whole.

ninnynanny Sun 29-Jul-12 12:44:53

Nannym I agree with you, shame on them letting GB down.

gangy5 Sun 29-Jul-12 13:10:36

nannym you are the ONE who is expressing the view of the majority.

nannym Sun 29-Jul-12 14:01:07

Opinion seems to be about equally divided, on this forum anyway! Interesting to hear different view points

feetlebaum Sun 29-Jul-12 14:21:01

Our National Anthem has one great advantage -- it's SHORT. Much of the time a mere six bars is sufficient. Some of the others go on and on...

Elegran Sun 29-Jul-12 14:27:52

A good tune is essential.

Anagram Sun 29-Jul-12 15:12:08

Yes, and preferably not dirge-like....

POGS Sun 29-Jul-12 20:44:04


vampirequeen Sun 29-Jul-12 20:53:11

I don't understand how refusing to sing the National Anthem shows a lack of self esteem or how they are somehow showing themselves up.

POGS Sun 29-Jul-12 20:57:20

To me this type of question always raises the ugly head of republican against monarchist or National Independance against United Kingdom.

We are practically all living alongside friends, family, workmates who make up the 4 countries of Great Britain. It is the saddest thought to me this joyous part of our heritage is about to change and I fear not for the best, I will be happy to be proved wrong.

As for the question at hand I ask this. 'Why would you play for team Great Britain if you obviously feel there should be no such thing?'

You are being nothing short of a hypocrite and should have the courage of your conviction and state clearly you will only play for your independant country whether that be Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales or England. Easy really, do not play as a member of team G.B. if you do not accept the Queen as the Head of State for Great Britain .

whenim64 Sun 29-Jul-12 21:30:21

I don't think they have much choice for these Olympcs, POGS. there is only GB they can represent. I can't see anyone denying gold medal success depending on whether the athletes sang the anthem or not. If they win, they win! grin

wisewoman Sun 29-Jul-12 21:41:11

Why on earth should anyone who is Scottish feel obliged to sing of "crushing rebellious scots" whether they are monarchists or nationalists or unionists! I remember seeing Billy Connolly arguing that we should adopt the Archers theme tune as an anthem. It is cheery and doesn't offend anyone. Maybe that is the way forward.

dorsetpennt Sun 29-Jul-12 21:48:33

My family origins are Irish, Scottish, Jewish and whatever else. I was born in England so I am English. My g/parents did not hate England for some long ago battle. Things have changed these days, it is stupid to hate a country for something that happened so long ago, it wasn't undertaken by anyone still alive or within living memory. Do you know that why the Serbs and Bosnians hate each other. Over a battle in medievel times. The English behaved like brutes at the Battle of Culloden, Ireland had suffered for years under the English. We aren't like that now that is why so many people come here because they know they can be free to express themselves. I just think not singing our anthem but competing under the GB banner is a bit mealy mouthed.

whenim64 Sun 29-Jul-12 21:50:52

I think there is no problem playing for Team GB, by the way. The issue is about singing a song that is excluding of some people, requires a feeling of obligation to the queen, and is totally out of date.

Annobel Sun 29-Jul-12 22:29:36

I'm not specially fond of our National Anthem, but it's the only one we have. Athletes and sportspeople are incredibly privileged to be able to represent our country so it's really a very small sacrifice to sing - or at least appear to sing - the anthem.

Granny23 Sun 29-Jul-12 22:58:20

As children, we had our own version - a tribute to my Auntie who had a corner shop.

God save our Auntie Jean
Long may she sell ice cream
On our back green
Send plums - victorias
Shampoos called Glorias
Keep rain from over us
God save Aunt Jean

I'll head for the Tower now!

POGS Sun 29-Jul-12 23:14:16


Anagram Sun 29-Jul-12 23:23:50

Why do you keep doing that, POGS? confused

POGS Sun 29-Jul-12 23:37:44


That is the whole point. They are competing on behalf of Great Britain. Whether we like it or not the Queen is the Head of Great Britain and the national anthem is what it is. It is not a case they are competing for their birth nation so they have a duty to their fellow team members and the peoples of those countries who they are representing that make up Great Britain (United kingdom).

If they are so apparently impassionate about being British then they should not be surprised if the question is raised will they give the same level of competence to their sport on the day if they hold no love or respect for concept of Great Britain, the reason why they are competing. The Olympics are the ultimate team sport, playing for your country is the ultimate goal for any sportsman/woman. If you cannot embrace the fact you are playing for team Great Britain then have the courage to say it straight and refuse to play until the time comes you can play for your birth nation. I sadly think that may be the future to come and I wonder then if we will look back at Great Britain (United Kingdom) and think how better off we were but that is another story yet to unfold.

POGS Sun 29-Jul-12 23:41:01


Because I keep typing and I am logged out. Don't know why but it is frustrating so I test it out to see if I am still O.K. to post. If anyone can tell me why it happens I will be pleased to know. I don't leave the site and have successfully posted all night?.