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mollie65 Mon 19-Nov-12 08:46:34

for other Archers listeners who will know what I am wittering on about. Am I being unreasonable to expect the writers to sort out the current Emma and Ed cannot afford to feed their family because the price of milk has gone down storyline (which has been running for WEEKS).
The original intent of the farming saga was to 'inform' country folk. This particular storyline I assume is to highlight 'working families poverty' and therefore the logical conclusion should be to inform (via the storyline) this particular hard working family that there are benefits out there to help them short term - working tax credit, child tax credit, housing benefit, council tax benefit - I could go on. But now the twist is that grandparents Susan and Neil are to 'help out' to the tune of £40 a week (one assumes they can afford it?)

Anne58 Mon 19-Nov-12 16:48:07

The very first time that Mr P stayed the night at my place when we were first walking out was a Saturday. When I leaped out of bed the next morning, saying "Gosh look at the time, we'll miss the beginning!" he asked the beginning of what, when I replied "The Archers" he started to laugh, until I turned on the radio to hear the usual "tum te tum te tumpty tum" and he realised I was serious!

He has since become quite a fan, and got totally absorbed by the Ruth & Sam storyline, seeming always to decide that the kitchen worktop nearest the radio needed an extra good wipe down at 7pm!

However, his dismay at the work carried out when Shula had a blocked drain was I feel just a tad too much. He threatened to write to the producers! shock

shysal Tue 20-Nov-12 09:04:16

They have dug out the usual winter sound effect of a fire 'popping'. It can be heard in the background during most indoor dialogue. I am annoyed with myself for listening out for it all the time! I enjoy the Ambridge Extra on Radio4 extra, especially Kate's goings-on in South Africa and Kenton and Jolene's time in Australia.
I agree with the predicted future relationships -
Lilian and Paul (she kicks out Matt)
Fallon and Rhys (or is it Rees?)
Also Josh and Phoebe.

And is Brenda getting cold feet?

Anne58 Tue 20-Nov-12 09:45:27

It could even be Reece, I would need to check the cast list in the Radio Times. I agree re Josh and Phoebe too.

As for Brenda, perhaps it's a latent pork allergy?

Greatnan Tue 20-Nov-12 10:10:51

Who could blame Brenda if she dumped Tom? Or Lilian if she chooses the nice brother ? There have not been too many evil female characters, although Emma was a bit naughty in sleeping with her groom's brother and even the saintly Shula pinched the doctor from Usher and then dumped him for the vet. Oh,and of course Jolene seduced Sid and Ruth had a bit of romance.........
I think Linda is a caricature, but plenty of townies move into villages and 'try to take over' or 'get involved', depending on your point of view.
I missed listening for many years when I first lived abroad, but I was able to pick up the threads very quickly when I returned to the UK.

Riverwalk Tue 20-Nov-12 10:16:43

As I have Radio 4 on in the background for most of the day I've 'listened' to The Archers for years and still can't make head nor tale of it. I don't know who's who other than Brian is married to Jennifer, and the accents are hilarious!

Ten years ago when I separated from ex I went to live with my sister for a while - she is an Archers afficionado and got fed-up with me asking questions and seeking explanations.

That time coincided with Jennifer finding out about Brian's mistress - best bit of comedy drama ever when Jennifer is going into meltdown and Brian offers her a blanket! grin

gracesmum Tue 20-Nov-12 11:03:54

I am interested in the way different characters take their turn in being the "baddie" (Brian,his affair with Siobhan and before rehabilitation, Matt, now powerless,but still crooked, Alastair, when he had his online poker problem, even Darren - I was never sure what he was up to) and then drift back to acceptance. Who was it who posted dog poo through Usha's letterbox years ago?
The problem of rural overty is a real one though. If you live miles from a town your 2 possibilities for shopping are the (overpriced) village shop or needing a car. Buses can be few and far between and if you have a baby , it is a nightmare to struggle with shopping bags, buggies etc I actually think the Ed and Emma story line highlights the reason somany young people are forced into towns, part-time employment possibilities for mums being one of them.
But I do know it's not real (or is it?)

Nelliemoser Tue 20-Nov-12 23:03:38

gracesmum Wasn't it Roy Tucker? I am not 100% sure. Some lad from an otherwise respectable background. It will come to me eventually, or I will Google it.

Anne58 Tue 20-Nov-12 23:19:00

Nellie , I think you are right re. Roy, but that was a long time ago.

Tonight Pusscat was VERY cross with Tiger, and quite rightly!

Greatnan Wed 21-Nov-12 00:22:41 spoilers, please! I like to listen to the omnibus on Sunday morning!

Nelliemoser Wed 21-Nov-12 07:39:56

Sad really remembering these ancient plot twists.

It was Roy I have just looked up on the Archers Website. The trouble with that is the Actors dont look anything like my idea of the characters.

Its better to stay in a virtual world.

JessM Wed 21-Nov-12 08:02:13

Dorset have you ever had to manage on benefits? When i was working in training in a water company I used to do an exercise with the billing staff. Here's the monopoly money you have for a week. How will you spend it? What priority your water bill/arrears?
Some of them had sleepless nights after going through this.
It is a lot more complicated these days, especially if you are trying to work as many are. But I agree CAB!!!!!!!! Put us out of misery (and i only listen spasmodically)
Jennifer has an interesting family
son= gay
daughter 1 =married to black s african
daughter 2 -= married to a horrid horribin!!!!
Amy is the only other Afro-Carribean character. I think.
Raururiiii has been packed off to prep school hasn't he. Saves employing another cloned child actor with S of england accents. Will the Grundy children speak like this?

Lilygran Wed 21-Nov-12 09:08:38

One of the many odd things about Ruairi (?) was that although his mother died when he was tiny and his father (Brian) brought him to England to be cared for by Jennifer (the wronged wife) he retained a strong Irish accent. Must be the genes. And by my reckoning Jennifer's interesting brood includes at least one love-child (not including Rory). And was she ever married to Adam's father?Something-or-other Travers Macy, I believe.

Greatnan Wed 21-Nov-12 09:17:40

But at least the fragrant Debbie is doing well running the agricultural business in Hungary- but her personal relationships are always disasters.

I don't think using credit cards would be a sensible option for Eddie and Emma - it would only ease the situation for a short time. Food kitchens are doing a good trade in England, I gather, and I doubt if anybody uses them unless they are pretty desperate. So called 'payday' loans are burgeoning and charge enormous rates of interest. I think there is real, as opposed to relative, poverty all over Europe, and not only amongst the unemployed but also those on the minimum wage. I don't believe that people on benefits are actually able to take foreign holidays, etc. unless they are cheating in some way - but of course the right-leaning press can always come up with some 'father of 12 benefit scrounger'.

Anne58 Wed 21-Nov-12 11:46:18

I can't go near the Archers website, Nellie because I know in my head what they look like, and don't want to see!

When the Will/Ed/Emma thing was at its peak, Mr P would go through the newspaper for me and stick bits of paper over the photographs!

Bit awkward with Debbie though, as Tamsin Greig pops up in a few TV programmes.

Lilygran Wed 21-Nov-12 13:12:38

Debbie doesn't look anything like Tamsin Greig!

Anne58 Wed 21-Nov-12 13:32:56

I agree, Lilygran , Debbies blonde for a start!

Anne58 Thu 22-Nov-12 14:06:26

Well, I think quite a few of us saw that coming, but heavens, she was a bit forward, wasn't she!

NfkDumpling Thu 22-Nov-12 23:10:06

You mean Debbie isn't blond?

Greatnan Thu 22-Nov-12 23:11:44

La la la - fingers in my ears........ Looking foward to the omnibus!

Anne58 Thu 22-Nov-12 23:51:17

No, NFK of course Debbie is blonde, I was referring of course to ... &*%^£@$ ...... bugeer, this keyboard's playing up!

mollie65 Fri 23-Nov-12 14:06:22

still no 'these are the benefits you are entitled to Emma and Ed - no need to starve yourselves' breakthru then.
I wish they would sort it out as I find myself getting very cross that there would be the sensible outcome without poor Neil worrying about the extra £40 a week - he is self employed in agriculture too.
at the very least E and E would be getting
maintenance for George (from wealthy Will)
child benefit for two children
child tax credit for two children
working tax credit as I assume Ed works full time
council tax benefit if on a low income
housing benefit (as they rent Rickyard cottage from nice David Archer I assume the rent is not astronomical)
Emma works at Brookfield (so assume a couple of mornings at national minimum wage) and no need for childcare as she takes littlest one with her

the maintenance is not counted as income for tax credit purposes

so - to be informative and show if there is real poverty for which the bank of Mum and Dad need to cough up £40 a week - they should now resolve what E and E are actually entitled to.

looking forward to who was a bit forward!