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Christmas and the shortest day in one week. Good grief!

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JessM Sun 16-Dec-12 08:39:36

AIBU to feel just a bit fed up at this time of year? I know there are historical reasons why our (male) ancestors invented the yuletide festival. Nothing much to do in the fields, days too short and sleety to go out hunting, definitely closed season for marauding, raping and pillaging. I know lads! Let's put our feet up, have a booze up, crack open the mead, spin a few yarns and the women can spit roast an ox or two.
Christians came along and tried to co-opt it (with mixed success evidently) and then the capitalists who, I'd say, did rather a better job.
But it does seem like cruel and unusual combination for those who don't enjoy Christmas and struggle a bit with the short days.
And instead of a one day event (plus the nights in the case of the women, who doubtless didn't get much sleep with an ox to get roasted and who then had to clear up AND carry on with their normal all-year-round work with drunken men underfoot)
It now lasts two or three weeks.
Good grief Charlie Brown it is a bit much to take. I am envying you folk in the southern hemisphere today - at least you are in the middle of summer!

isthisallthereis Mon 17-Dec-12 13:25:02

But Joan you've got no Christmas to look forward to in mid-winter.

(I'm someone who looks forward to and enjoys Christmas)

kittylester Mon 17-Dec-12 13:53:46

We spent one Christmas in Australia - very odd experience for someone who loves the seasons just as they are!! Might be why we only stayed the one year.

Joan Tue 18-Dec-12 06:13:31

isthisallthereis commented you've got no Christmas to look forward to in mid-winter.

Yes we do - we so much look forward to the c-o-o-o-o-o-l !!

JessM Tue 18-Dec-12 07:23:46

It depends on you culture isthat... In Australia and NZ this time of year is the beginning of the long school holidays. So many people are looking forward to their main holiday.
If people have grown up with their tradition of barbequed bilby on the beach then that is what they look forward to (or not).(yes I know bilby probably protected species but could not resist the alliteration)
Our culture is to make a mega fuss that goes on for a long time. And women generally are the ones that make it happen. The ox roasting has got out of hand. What we do is not what other countries do.
Thank you for clearing up the spelling thing anno. I knew it looked wrong without the e (spellcheck, you were wrong!)
Have to say though Joan that when I was out there watching the cyclone coverage on TV and everyone being so brave after it - and then came back to an extremely gloomy UK, I thought whingeing poms indeed.
It was nice to see the Olympics cheering everyone up for a change.

annodomini Tue 18-Dec-12 09:17:42

For me, Christmas is about the people I spend it with and the climate is irrelevant. In Africa, I spent one Christmas in Zambia with relatives and loved it; several in Kenya with friends, and one year my parents came out. Christmas in New Zealand with my sister, her family and friends, was fun. Now that I have grandchildren, I'd be reluctant to leave the country at Christmas - but it's not about the weather, the tree or the presents.

Joan Tue 25-Dec-12 04:59:31

I'm all lonely.

Well, not really, but we got up this Christmas morning and had a good clean up after yesterday's preparations. Then we had a nice lunch together, just DH and I. Then he took off to bed for a rest at 1.30pm - he's agoraphobic and has bad knees, and had just had a panic attack. Checked on him - he's OK.

It is now 3pm, the family is coming at 5pm ie two sons plus spouses, and some friends too. A cold feast is all prepared, including ham, roast chicken with stuffing, various salads, and I made trifle and mince pies for afters, with all the bits and pieces - cheese, crackers, nuts. Beer and wine are in the fridge, plus cold non-alcoholic drinks.

But right now I'm lonely, and scared. Last Christmas a family fall out meant one son and spouse were absent. I could not bear another 'do'.

The dog is licking my elbow as if to say "Don't worry, it will be OK"

I'm sure she's right.

Granny23 Tue 25-Dec-12 05:53:40

Joan chin up - it will be fine. You are just having an attack of stage fright before the Christmas performance. I am also all prepared but cannot sleep - family will be here in 4.5 hours for brunch and present opening and I will be dozing in the corner. Why does restless leg always start up the night before something important - Ho Hum

Granny23 Tue 25-Dec-12 06:00:31

Ended abruptly as heard a noise at back door. Turns out to be one of our visiting cats, sharpening her claws on the door post. Not Santa or a reindeer after all. It is very strange to be chatting to someone on the other side of the world in real time. Hope the rest of your day is wonderful for you smile

Ariadne Tue 25-Dec-12 06:23:54

Think I might be dozing in the corner later too! Joan I do hope all is well, I can understand your apprehension.X

Granny23 Tue 25-Dec-12 06:28:05

Good Morning Ariadne - Merry Christmas - Has Santa been to your house yet?

Joan Tue 25-Dec-12 12:55:57

Christmas went really well - all the family were here, plus friends, and everyone had a great time and got on so well with each other.


Merry Christmas everyone!!

whenim64 Tue 25-Dec-12 13:07:06

Glad it all went well 'Joan*. You can relax and look back over the day now. I've got pigs in blankets, rib of beef and turkey in one oven, roasted root vegetables and accompaniments in the other, starter and fizz in the fridge, pudding waiting in the microwave, two alternative timers going off every few organised, I'm meeting myself coming back! Just need to set the table and light candles, and dinner is at 4pm. I'm bound to have forgotten something.........grin

Granny23 Tue 25-Dec-12 14:50:05

Glad all went well Joan. Brunch and present opening with 2 x DD + 3 X DGC went well here. DGC arrived in their pyjamas and have departed in 1) Jessie from toy story outfit, 2) red Christmas snowflake jumper and leggings, 3) kilt and Jacobite shirt over red striped onsies. Dinner at DD2's at 5.30pm when I expect they will have changed again grin. I am now off for a snooze moon tho' actually it is a lovely, mild sunny day today sunshine