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My son in Afghanistan.

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soop Mon 31-Dec-12 16:31:52

My son has a very interesting article re his Christmas visit to Afghanistan published on-line [Mail on Sunday.] I thought that the many GN's who kindly sponsored him during the Royal Marine charity appeal, might like to read it. smile

Attention Rory fans! He has three new pics in my album. grin

Time to light the log fire and relax. To those who will be partying later, have a fun. wine
For those, like me, who will nod off long before the bells, enjoy the peace and quiet of your own home. flowers

soop Sun 06-Jan-13 12:22:35

My son's pal [in the pic] looked very much like the lead singer of the Cure. We were living in a very small Cornish town at the time of the boys' Goth-look, and no other boy or girl followed the trend. My boss, a pharmacist, took one look at the pair when they came through the door and stopped in his tracks [with agogment]. hmm About a year later, his own son, a student at Oxford, came home dressed top to toe in black. His hair was a wondrous mess, a bit like a caveman. It did him no harm. He's now a smile

annodomini Sat 05-Jan-13 18:27:51

OMG, soop, the year after we moved north and ExH took himself off, my DS1 wanted to go to a Cure gig. He hadn't had much time to make many friends, so like a fool I bought the tickets and went with him. 45 year-old mum in theatre full of youngsters! The light show was great, but my ears were bleeding! shock Unforgettable by either of us.

Smoluski Sat 05-Jan-13 17:33:08

Happy days eh*soop*. Mine where too young for that look,I also like the goth look...mine where all brightly coloured Adidas track suits,trainers,and hoodies,everything with a "name" on it very expensive time ,Kate also favoured the braids and fashion of the gangsta rappers,not nearly so interesting as the goth look....

soop Sat 05-Jan-13 14:13:45

anno I liked the Goth look. All that talc and hair like a frightened yak! We had another pal visit one weekend. He wore a black mac to just above his pointed shoes. He resembled a wizard. He's a lovely "respectable looking" businessman now. When we picked son and another Goth pal up after a concert, all the youngsters, wearing black, wandered out into the night and it was difficult to spot who was who. I remember that they loved the band - The Cure. I still have some of their records and tapes. Happy memories. smile

annodomini Sat 05-Jan-13 14:04:00

Wow! soop. At least mine preferred the romantic look - shoulder length hair with burgundy low-lights! Isn't it a relief when they grow up to be normal? Mind you, a little eccentricity doesn't go amiss.

soop Sat 05-Jan-13 13:46:53

NellieSmol ...^he looks as though he scrubs up well^...

Have uploaded a favourite photo of my son [far left] with his best mate and his grandfather. The Goths would have been about 15 at the time. Both were at boarding school and this was their way of "being different" when on school hols. When he first presented himself to me looking like this, I thought - Wow! He looks like me at the same age. Only I wore a beehive hairdo and much less eye

Both son and friend are now, as you say, well-scrubbed.

Smoluski Sat 05-Jan-13 13:21:09

That's a brilliant story soop he is in his ideal profession isn't he,and you obviously gave him confidence to follow his dreams,Ilove the friendship made so easily ,the carrier bags made me laugh,he looks as though he scrubs up well in his photosgrin

soop Sat 05-Jan-13 12:39:56

I shall, NellieSmol...however, because he's been enjoying the experience, I'm pleased that he was given the opportunity. At heart, he's an adventurer. When a student at Edinburgh uni', he took off for Japan. His luggage comprised of a couple of Tesco carrier bags, one of which was split. He walked out of the airport and introduced himself to a tartan-clad busker. The outcome was that the young man [I believe from Edinburgh], offered to let my son "crash" at his digs, and a friendship was forged. smile

Smoluski Fri 04-Jan-13 19:27:39

That looks scary soop bet you can't wait for him to home nowxxxxxx

soop Fri 04-Jan-13 15:35:14

Thank you for your kind comments. grin I guess that Rory's about seven...hard to tell...he does have slight middle-age spread...and he tends to waddle when he walks...a bit like me! Otherwise, he's in fine fettle. Hope to get the vet to do the deed at the end of February. Cannot pretend to be looking forward to enticing him into the container. He is a very canny cat! wink

Grannyeggs Fri 04-Jan-13 15:27:43

You are right to be proud of him soopsmile

jO5 Fri 04-Jan-13 15:17:48

This is the cat now - not the son!!!! shock

jO5 Fri 04-Jan-13 15:17:18

" It will be interesting to learn approximately how old he is [when the vet gets to inspect him!]" Do they have rings like trees, or what? confused

jO5 Fri 04-Jan-13 15:15:17

I don't think that soop! It's amazing what he's doing! smile

annodomini Fri 04-Jan-13 15:09:07

He's a most impressive journalist, soop. The article grabs and keeps the reader's attention from beginning to end. Fascinating. And Rory is a very fortunate cat, though he may not think so when/if you manage to get him to the vet wink.

soop Fri 04-Jan-13 14:35:03

Have uploaded pic of son being hounded...his title: a normal afternoon in Afghanistan...hmm

soop Fri 04-Jan-13 13:56:23

glamma (hug)

glammanana Fri 04-Jan-13 13:54:59

Boast as much as you like soop it's good for you, makes for the feelgood factor and I'm sure we are all in need of that every now and then.
These reports are so good for moral over there,they give the troops the feeling that they are appreciated and thought about.

soop Fri 04-Jan-13 13:47:49

And back to you, Butty x

Butty Fri 04-Jan-13 13:46:33

Big smile for you soop!

soop Fri 04-Jan-13 13:44:23

when YES! smile

whenim64 Fri 04-Jan-13 13:34:52

Lovely soop. That's as much as you need, isn't it? flowers

soop Fri 04-Jan-13 13:31:09

I've just received an email from Lashkar gah. The message reads...XXX
which all that I need to know. smilesunshine

Ana Tue 01-Jan-13 20:58:59

Didn't we have a 'boasting' thread a while ago...? Yes, perhaps a forum would be better!

Smoluski Tue 01-Jan-13 20:45:14

soop you boast away you have every right tooxxxx
rory is a handsome chap and he looks so affectionate now ,you both have worked so hard to win him over,he obviously loves and trusts you now.xxxxxx